Sunday, February 5, 2017

It's Like Having My Own Cardinals Shop

If you have been following baseball blogs on a daily basis, you know that Daniel from It's like having my own Card Shop has been cranking out the posts since the New Year.  A few weeks ago he wrote this post about cards being included in cereal boxes.  I sent him an extra Jim Edmonds without expecting anything in return.  Daniel was having none of that as he sent a PWE early last week.

 I think I bought 1 pizza and 2 boxes of breadsticks last year trying to get the Cardinals from this set.  Not such luck, but now I just need the Molina.

This is my first purple parallel from 2015 Topps.  At first glance I thought it was a chrome card.  The scan does not do it justice.  The top and side borders are a deeper shade of purple than the bottom.  Great looking card of a pitcher I hope has a few good seasons left.


  1. Glad you could use both cards! The Wainwright card does look pretty awesome. I'm going after the Marketside set, so if I end up with an extra Molina I'll send it your way. Thanks again for the cards you sent.