Friday, November 20, 2020

OZ-Some Trade

 Yesterday's post showed a bunch of Harrison Bader cards from a recent trade.  Today I  will show a handful of Ozzie Smith cards from TCDB member timriess.  He is a fellow Cardinals fan who collects Ozzie and Ray Lankford.  The man has great taste.

I love oddball/box set cards.  Here we have a 1992 Score 100  Superstars and a 1988 Fleer Hottest Stars.  

I don't know the percentage, but it does not seem like very many Ozzie cards show him batting.  The 1995 Flair is one of them.  I guess when you win 13 Gold Gloves most of your cards will show you in the field.  This was the last card I needed for my 1992 Leaf Black team set.

My only non Ozzie was this 1996 Topps Chrome Brian Jordan.  This card does a great job of capturing his hustling style of play.  

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