Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Largest Package in Awhile

If you read my blog very often, you know there are usually 2 types of cards I trade for:  Cardinals I need and Jose Altuve cards my son needs.  I try to keep this pretty simple.  There does come a time when working out a trade that I also acquire cards to pass along to certain trading partners.  I have been accumulating a decent stack of cards for Trading Bases member Matt S for about a month.  Last week we finalized a deal for about 20 Topps inserts headed his way for over 20 Cardinals and Altuves that arrived at my house over the weekend.

It is not often I show off a 1994 Extra Bases card, but this one completed my team set.  This could be the last time you see this set on my blog.

These are the 2 cards that started the trade.  Not having a Walgreens close to me makes it difficult to track down any of these yellow parallels.  These are my first from 2019.  They look pretty cool in hand.

Among all the inserts/parallels I have been adding to my wantlist are the metallic snowflake cards from Topps Holliday.  These should not be too hard to track down.  It is just the point of remembering to do so.

I need to make wantlist for quite a few Topps Chrome refractor sets.  The more recent ones like these from 2018 will be easier to complete than ones from the late 1990s or early 2000s.

I also need to finish lists for Heritage Chrome cards.  Not as many of these to track down.

I love this oddball group of cards.  It includes a Texas League All Star card Flaherty, a 2018 New Era Martinez, a 2010 Update Gold, a 2011 Elite Freese that finished a set, and a 2019 Bowman Holiday. 

My son's march to his next 100 Altuve cards got a nice boost with these 6.  A few cards similar to the Cardinals cards I received, but also some new ones like 2014 Turkey Red, a Heritage 1951 card, and a A&G insert.

This was one of my largest trade packages this year, until I got a huge package yesterday.  More to come on that one later this week.

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