Monday, April 11, 2016

NCAA win = Sportlots Goodies

My NCAA tournament bracket stunk this year.  I only picked 1 correct final four team, and that one lost in the championship game.  I did enter a Sweet 16 pool where you pay $5 for a random team with winner taking all.  I was luckily enough to get Villanova, so once my entry fees for brackets and the pool were subtracted I netted $70.  Of course I had to spend a small portion on cards, so I hit up Sportlots to fill in some team holes and also get a few cards for autographing at a future minor league game.  I placed a 25 card order with 1 seller for a total of $7.07.
Not sure what Red is doing with all the gloves in this picture, but he seems happy to be doing it.  This was the last card needed to complete the 2013 Panini Cooperstown set.
2012 Elite Extra Edition featured quite a few Cardinal draft choices.  Maness is the only one from this group to see St. Louis, although Wilson may have a chance in September or if another infielder gets hurt.  Rowan Wick had a ton of power as an outfielder, but could not make contact.  He is now a pitcher for the Cardinals Palm Beach Class A team.
I have written about Patrick Wisdom and Carson Kelly before in this blog.  Kelly just hit his first homer in Double A last night. 

I bought these 3 2015 Bowman Chrome cards with the intent to have them autographed at a Peoria Chiefs game, but discovered I needed them for team sets.  Autos will have to wait.

Rounding out the Cardinals portion of the order were these 2013 Prizm cards.  Not sure why I did not order the Ryan Jackson card to finish the set.  Maybe next time.

I received another 8 cards in the order, but will save them with the hopes of showing them off when they get autographed. 


  1. The 2016 Bowman look really nice-but 2015 isn't too bad either.

    1. I am not sold yet on the 2016 design, will have to see it in person to have a better opinion. I did see that Cardinals prospect Paul De Jong will have an auto in the set. Nice kid, talked to him for a few minutes at spring training.