Monday, October 25, 2021

Unexpected Vintage

My trading habits have slowed a little the last week.  I have a couple of offers out, but no response yet.  With that being said, I was surprised to see a pwe show up in my mailbox on Saturday.  It had a Florida return address that I did not recall seeing before.  I was guessing someone sent me some cards by mistake, but I was wrong.  TCDB member OPADK Hokie sent me an early birthday gift.  I have never traded with him before, but he wanted to send me a couple of his Cardinals duplicates.  

It is not every day I get a near mint vintage Cardinals from my wantlist.  This 1967 Topps card is in great condition with only a slight corner ding.

This 1969 Topps Washburn is also in great shape.  It is a little off center from left to right.  Top to bottom is very good despite my scanner cutting off part of the top.  Thanks again to fellow Cardinals fan OPADK for 2 great cards.   

Friday, October 22, 2021

Better Than a Blaster EBAY Win

I won my second EBAY auction of October late last week.  This is an auction I most likely would not have found if it was not for the similar auctions shown at the bottom of an autograph I was looking at.  Sometimes it pays to scroll to the bottom of a page.  This lot of 35 different Cardinals was a little less than $19.  I guess I should note that is better than the price of a cheap blaster now that Target and Walmart charge $29.99 for some of them.  

I had been searching for a Rondon auto when I found this auction.  Being new these are still going for around $10, which is a little more than I wanted to go.  

I am guessing this seller busted a lot of hobby boxes.  Every card in the lot is from 2021.  

These were not the cheaper brands like Topps flagship either.  I was able to knock my Select team set needs down to 1.

I also need 1 more 2021 Finest to finish my team set.

This Goldy is my first Absolute Memorabilia hobby card.  I have a few of the retail versions.  

I have neglected my 2021 A&G team set, but still only need 3 more.  

Not everything was base cards.  The Bowman Chrome inserts appear to be refractors, but they are not.  I love they way they scan though.  A lot better than the dark look of the Select Stars Flaherty.

15 of the 35 cards were duplicates, but I am ok with that.  I still got good value for the cards I needed, and I am sure a fellow Cardinals fans will need some of these.

Monday, October 18, 2021

More Purging of the Surplus

I have had good luck lately trading away my Cardinals duplicates.  In the past Kerry was about the only person who provided a good home for my extras, but I have found 2 other TCDB members who can use quite a few of them.  Last week I worked out a trade with member StLMike where I sent 25 Cardinals his way in return for 8 coming my direction.

Before this trade, I only had 1 1990 Topps TV card.  Now I have 5.  I had no idea there were 66 Cardinals in this set.  I love see cards of coaches like Roarke and Riggleman.  You also find cards of minor leaguers like Carmona that were decent prospects, but never made it to St. Louis.  Fun set that will take a long time to finish.

It has been awhile since I have traded for a nice oddball like this 1987 Nestle All Time Dream Team.  I wonder why the logo was left off.  The back of the card shows it was produced by Topps.  

Here is a pair of numbered cards from 2003.  The SP Authentic Pujols is #ed to 1993, while the Donruss Classics Brock is #ed to 1500.  Both are short prints from the base set.  

I really need to get to work on my 2021 Topps Pro Debut team set.  This is my first of 6 Cardinals in the set.  Walker is a great way to begin things.  

Friday, October 15, 2021


I have not won too many EBAY auctions lately.  In fact last week I won my first card in almost a month.  Looking back at my history, I only bid on 3 auctions in that time span.  I guess 1 for 3 is not bad.  My card arrived 5 days after I paid for it.  That is outstanding considering the current state of the postal system.  

My first Jordan Hicks autograph cost a little over $6 delivered.  He has not had very many new autographs since he has missed most of the last 2 seasons.  There are a few in Panini products, but sticker autographs on non logo cards are not my first pick.  Very happy to add another player to my Cardinals autograph collection.  I am not sure how many different players I have, but I do know I have a little over 350 autographs.  

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Small TCDB Trade

I was at a loss for a title for today's post, so you get a generic one.  Sometimes you just cannot think of anything creative.   What can I say, it has been a long week.  These 4 Cardinals came from TCDB member HOGOFOGO.

My 2021 Topps Gold Star border team set is now complete.  I received the other 20 cards in 1 trade not long ago.  I thought it would take awhile to track the Carlson down, but thanks to the trade match feature I found someone pretty quickly.

The Andrew Miller keeps my weekly streak of new Topps Gold cards going.  This one if from 2019 Update.  I would be really shocked to see Miller back next year, but I have been shocked before.  Just as I am typing this post, I hear the Cardinals fired manager Mike Shildt.  I was also shocked to see Wainwright get almost $18 million next year.  I am glad he is coming back, but that is a lot of money for a 40 year old pitcher with a history of injuries.

I should have dug out my other 1998 Collector's Choice Matt Morris to show the different hologram.  One is the shape of home plate, the other is the diamond above.  I am not a huge variation guy, but this one is easy to tell.


Wednesday, October 13, 2021

His Guys Went Farther

Before the playoffs started, I worked out a trade with TCDB member stdolan1.  He is a big Braves fan.  I sent him a few Freeman and Riley cards along with a couple of Trea Turners in exchange for a colorful Cardinals lot.  I was scanning my cards last night shortly after Freeman's home run sent the Braves to the NLCS where they could be playing Turner and the Dodgers.  I realized every player I traded is still playing while the none of the Cardinals are.  I still think I came out ok.

The 2021 Prizm red, white, and blue parallels are very nice.  I do not make it a point to chase after too many parallel team sets, but I might try this one.  Topps Chrome pink refractors are parallels I actively seek.  Speaking of pink, make sure you check out Collecting Cutch's blog all month.  He is cranking out some great posts in support of breast cancer awareness month.

Here are a couple of green/camo cards of 2 guys that were traded for each other.  The Cardinals end looks pretty good right now.  Arenado had a great season and has already stated he will not opt out of his contract this year.  It may be a year or two before the Rockies really know how they did.  Austin Gomber had an ok year pitching at Coors, but none of the other 3 players have reached the majors yet.  Look for Montero to change that in 2022.

KK most likely has pitched his last game in St. Louis.  I would not mind having him back next year as he served as a good #4/5 starter who was also left handed, but he did not appear to be happy after being moved to the bullpen in the second half this year.  I will have some cards like the 2021 Prizm base and 2020 Holiday Metallic to remember him by.

I always look forward to October 27th on the calendar.  Beside being my birthday, it is also the day the Cardinals won the 2006 World Series and Game 6 of the 2011 World Series.

What a difference a day makes.  Taveras passed away on October 26, 2014.  I bet he would have played in a few All Star games by now.  



Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Small 2 for Tuesday

Today I have 2 smaller trades to go over.  What they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality.  The first trade was with TCDB member nozzlemaster.

Here are 2 of the 4 Cardinals from this year's Bowman 1st Edition set.  Mr. Walker is the big draw for me.  He is already #57 on the top 100 prospects list after playing High A ball at age 19.  He should put up some monster power numbers in Springfield next year and keep climbing the prospect ladder.

The second trade was with The Bench member 89Giants.

These are the start of my 2021 Finest Flashbacks team set.  Just like last year's debut set, these look awesome.  There are 8 Cardinals in this set, with the Dylan Carlson being the one I will have the toughest time getting.  

Monday, October 11, 2021

Trading From the Surplus

I completed one of my favorite types of trades last week with TCDB user timriess.  We have traded 7 times since last November where Cardinals are headed each direction.  He has a rather large Cardinals collection just like mine.  It is hard to not accumulate duplicates with something so large, so it works out great to have several fellow Cardinals fans to trade with.  

Even though the early 1990s was not a good era for Cardinals baseball, I love getting cards from then.  It was during that time that I had my first job and was able to start buying a few packs.  I love filling in the holes from that period with cards like the 1993 Team Stadium Club Zeile and 1992 Bicycle Rookies Jordan.  

It may look strange to scan a 2021 Stadium Club and 2011 Topps base card together, but one of my favorite images is of Molina and Motte embracing after the final out of the 2011 World Series.  These 2 belong together.  I had to get another copy of the Motte for my collection since I used one back in September for an in person autograph.

Molina is joined this time by Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby.  By now you know my Allen & Ginter habits.  Won't buy packs, but will gladly trade for them.

These 2 Altuves pushed my son past 450 different ones in his collection.  I am still not betting on getting to 500 by the end of the year, but with his soccer season coming to end we will have more free time on the weekends to attend shows or work out trades.  

Thursday, October 7, 2021

It's Over

The Cardinals season came to an end last night thanks to Chris Taylor.  I was not shocked to see them lose, but it still hurts that they played well for most of the game and have nothing to show for it.  Some have put the blame on Mike Shildt and Alex Reyes.  The last 3 times Reyes has pitched in the 9th inning he has given up a walk off home run.  I would have went with Jack Flaherty.  I put more of the blame on the offense going 0 for 11 with runners in scoring position.  Hard to beat a great team when you only score 1 run.  

During commercial breaks I had plenty of time to scan some cards.  Today's lot came courtesy of TCDB member jimetal7212.

I usually think of the autograph set when I see 1999 Sports Illustrated cards, but the base cards have great shots also.  This Musial finished my team set.  The 2020 Update Numbers Game insert shows a classic Musial follow through.  

I really need to finish some of the early Topps Chrome sets.  I need a ton from the 2001 set.  After receiving a couple of 2004 Donruss Timeless Treasures last week, this Edmonds as came my way.  Funny how you never see a set, then they come in bunches.

Though not all from the same year, I have had quite a few Topps Gold cards coming in lately.  That is a good thing.  The Benes card is from the 2004 Classic Best Rookie Express set.  Just the type of minor league oddball I have never heard of but greatly love.

Yadi did not have a chance to get fired up last night.  Maybe he will during his final season next year.  The McGwire is one of his many base cards from 1999 SPx.

I will finish the post with the pitcher who finished the game last night.  Not sure what next year will hold for Reyes.  He wants to be a starter, but after seeing him wear down the second half of this year, I am not sure he will be effective.  

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

It is Wild Card Day

Tonight is the NL Wild Card game.  Despite the late season winning streak, I do not have a lot of faith in the Cardinals beating Max Scherzer.  Last time he pitched against St. Louis, he went 8 innings allowing 1 unearned run while striking out 13 and walking none.  Adam Wainwright should put up a good fight, but I just don't think the Cardinals will score enough to win.   

While I am watching/listening to the game, I plan to file away some recent trades.  I am guessing I have about 200 cards that need to be put into the proper boxes.  Part of that stack came over the weekend from TCDB user George1369.  We completed a birds for birds trade.  He received 11 Orioles, I received 11 Cardinals.  

I was happy to finally receive these 2010 Topps Attax cards.  I can think of 2 recent trades where I received the code cards instead.  I try not to complain much, but when you can reference a picture on the database, you should not be sending the wrong card. 

My 2021 Prizm team set is almost done.  Just need to track down the Johan Oviedo card.  There are still plenty of parallels and inserts like the Gorman that I can chase after.  

The 2021 Absolute Memorabilia Retail team set also is down to 1 needed card.  Paul Goldschmidt will complete this team set.  It was nice to see Ken Boyer included in the set.  He does not get as much hobby love as Musial, Gibson, etc.  I would attribute that to his not being in the Hall of Fame.  

I received 2 more base cards in the trade that included a 2021 Topps Fire and a 2017 Honus Bonus.  I never thought I would complete a HB set, but I am needing just 1 more to finish this one.  Cardinals great Zach Duke is the last one I need.  

I also came away with 2 inserts.  The 1998 Bowman International Politte did not scan very well.  The foil finish and dark background made it difficult to get a good picture.  The McGwire 2021 A&G turned out much better.  This card highlights his 62nd home run back in 1998.  



Tuesday, October 5, 2021

I Was Outnumbered

It is rare for me to receive a package where the majority of cards are not Cardinals.  After all, I am a Cardinals collector first and foremost.  Every now and then I get approached about a trade where the other party does not have many Redbirds I can use.  My first option to balance things out is to find Altuve cards my son needs.  That was the case last week with TCDB member Lawsgt.  I traded him a stack of Reds cards in exchange for 3 Cardinals and 4 Altuve cards.

Nothing wrong with a little color in a trade.  The Schoendienst 2011 GQ Framed card is numbered to 999.  The 2011 Purple Chrome Cleto is not numbered, but is a great looking card.  I wonder if Cleto received a 2011 World Series ring despite only playing in 3 regular season games that year.  His career only lasted 41 games over 4 seasons.  He could throw hard, but had no idea where the ball was going.

If Max Muncy cannot play in the Wild Card game tomorrow night, it would not shock me to see Pujols get the start at first base.  Hopefully he does not hit a longball like the one on this 2018 Topps insert.

The Altuve lot included 2 base cards and 2 inserts.  The 2021 Chrome Beisbol insert scanned great, although it does not appear that colorful in person.  It shocked me my son like the Allen & Ginter card the most.  He usually goes for the shiny or colored cards.  


Monday, October 4, 2021

Lots of Goodies

One of my more larger recent trades arrived a week ago Saturday from TCDB user suorange93.  I try to post recaps in the order that trades arrive, but it was too easy just to scan the smaller ones that arrived later than this one.  Thanks to a rainy Saturday, I had plenty of time to scan all the goodies.

I will start with my first cards from 2021 Topps Fire.  It was rather tempting to buy a hobby box from the Target website, but I decided to hold off when my son did not want to build the set.  It should not be very tough to build the team set through trades or dime boxes.  

That is a lot of green on the 2021 Stadium Club Red Foil DeJong card.  It is rare to complain about Stadium Club photography, but this one would be better with a little more background.  The 2020 A&G gold border mini is any better.  It looks like he has cross eyes.

Topps is not the only company to use the same photo over and over again.  The color Hornsby is from 2020 Diamond Kings, the black and white from 2021.  I wonder if Fanatics will be as lazy.  The red framed 2020 Goldschmidt looks great the Cardinals uniform.  

Flaherty is coming right at you on this 2020 Topps Utz card.  It was great to see him have a clean inning yesterday in relief.  I am would not be surprised to see him in that role during Wednesday's Wild Card game against the Dodgers.  2021 Topps Update is set to release next week.  It has to be better than last year's offering.  I am sure we will get a Chrome version with pink refractors like the above McGwire.  

Topps has a blue parallel in a lot of its brands.  2014 flagship, 2018 Opening Day, and 2018 Big League are just a few examples.  I have mentioned a few times how great the Opening Day cards look.  

It was great to knock out a few Altuve base cards for my son including a 2020 Holiday variation.  Who would not want to wear candy cane socks as part of a big league uniform.  I was shocked to find out he did not have the Topps flagship card before this trade.  I had seen the card so many times I just assumed it was already in his binder.  

These 2 Diamond King cards just look dull.  The 2017 Grey Framed parallel does not stand out like the other colored frames.  The 2020 DK206 is just bad.  I cannot see 1 positive about it.  

I will finish up with a couple of odd sized Altuves.  I am not sure how my son is going to store the 2020 Topps Archives Giant card.  We may have to get a little creative with some soft sleeves.  We do not have that problem with the 2019 Fortune Teller mini.  Just slip it into a sleeve and it will not come out of a regular Ultra pro sheet.