Monday, September 30, 2019

Card Show Recap

Everyone looks forward to the weekend.  I am no different.  I never have to work weekends as my place of business is only open Monday through Friday.  Saturdays are usually spent going to my children's games or catching up on the yard work.  This past weekend was different as there were no games on the schedule and my yard did not need mowed, so my son and I took off for St. Louis.  The main reason I went was to attend a function at the Cardinals Museum.  I will save that for another post.  By luck there was a card show about 20 minutes from downtown.  Of course we hit that up for a couple hours.

I have been to a couple of shows at this location before with some luck finding some deals.  This time was not too bad, although I will say that the regional pricing was horrible.  I expect to pay more for Cardinals at a St. Louis show, but not $0.50-$1 for common cards of non stars.  I had hoped to finish a few teams set, but that will have to wait.  The majority of our time was spent going through 3 monster boxes of quarter cards.

Crazy I could buy numbered Topps Gold cards cheaper than the regular base card at other tables.  The Ozuna in not numbered.  One dealer has 2 boxes full of Bowman Chrome rookies for $1 each.  No stars or top prospects, just guys like Ozuna.  That was a quick pass.

The boxes were full of pitchers cards.  I was able to find a few Cardinals, including my first 2019 Donruss Optic.

A few other inserts that I needed including a Shelby Miller mini numbered to 250.  And that is it for Cardinals cards.   I did pick up quite a few cards for trade bait.  Some with a few traders in mind, others just because.

I know of 2 guys trying to complete the 2019 Gypsy Queen green set.  I did not check lists, just hoped they may need some.

Yankees are never hard to trade.  3 Topps Chrome refractors and a foil card.

More Yankees highlight some Stadium Club parallels.

I have a couple of Pirate collectors who I trade with a lot.  Collecting Cutch gets first crack at the McCutchen if he needs it.  The other 3 are refractors from 2017 Bowman Chrome Draft.

Some of the countless 2019 Prizm parallels that I found in the boxes.

A few more Topps Chrome refractors.

Last are a few card that just looked cool.  The Votto is numbered to 500.  If you are interested in anything, leave a message.

My favorite pick up of the show was a trade with another collector.  I am a member of a facebook group that trades/sells bobbleheads.   I had an extra Jim Thome from a giveaway in Peoria that I traded for this sweet Busch Stadium giveaway.

This is one of my top 5 favorite bobbleheads.  I think I have about 55 different Cardinals ones now, most being stadium giveaways.   I am always a sucker for the retired greats whether it is cards or bobbleheads.


Friday, September 27, 2019

Thursday PWE 4 Pack

Well it has come down to the last weekend of the baseball season to determine the NL Central Champs.  After a dud of a series in Arizona, the Cardinals come home for 3 games against the Cubs with a magic number of 3.  I would not count out the Brewers though.  They have 3 in Colorado and have been playing lights out.  Time will tell who faces the Braves or who gets to play the Nationals in the wild card game. 

My mail days have been slow of late.  I just do not have the time to work out trades.  When I do, it is a small one like the just completed deal with TCDB member paulie3jobs.

A couple of different gold parallels from Topps brands.  I like the 2019 Big League card better even though it is not numbered like the 2011 Topps Update.  The Update looks more bronze to me than gold.
I opened 3 packs of National Card Day cards, but struck out on getting any Cardinals.  Nice to add the Goldy.  I have never eaten any brand of Utz chips.  I cannot say I have ever seen any in the Midwest.  

Monday, September 23, 2019

What a Weekend

I don't think this weekend could have went any better for a Cardinals fan.  A four game sweep in Chicago that clinches a playoff birth and all but eliminates the Cubs from the playoffs.  I would have been happy with a split because the Cardinals have played so poorly there this year.  I doubt the Cards will go far in the playoffs even if they avoid the wild card game.  Atlanta and LA both look pretty tough.  I guess we will wait and see.

The weekend was even better with a small trade package that arrived on Saturday from TCDB member jimsisco.
These 2 cards finished my 2019 Stadium Club team set.  Goldschmidt drove in the winning run yesterday and will return to Arizona tonight for the first time as a visiting player.  Glad he will be a Cardinals for the next few years.  His average has taken a hit this year, but the power numbers and defense have been great.

Carpenter hit the game winning home run in game 1 of the series on Thursday.  He has been hitting better of late and should get plenty of playing time with Kolten Wong out with a hamstring injury.

Miller got the save in yesterday's game.  He started the year off pretty rocky, but has been pretty good since the All Star break.  He has been lights out in the playoffs in previous years.  I hope he gets a few more games in this year.

Friday, September 20, 2019

PWE 4 Pack

It's finally Friday.  This week has dragged on forever it seems like.  There has been very little time for cards.  I only have 1 trade going right now.  I did finish on up last night upon receiving a PWE from TCDB member brianscards. 

Hudson has quietly won 16 games this year as a rookie.  #17 against the Cubs tomorrow would be wonderful.  The Cardinals wasted a great outing last night by Jack Flaherty, but at least they pulled it out.  A special thank you to Craig Kimbrel.  He was almost as bad as the Cardinals closer last night.  Carlos Martinez found a way to give away a 3 run lead with only 1 ball being hit hard. 

Bader was on base 3 times last night.  The scan did not show up well, but this is a 2019 Chrome Prism refractor.  Gyorko headed west to LA at the trade deadline.  I have not kept up with his stats since then.  Not sure if he will be on the post season roster for the Dodgers, but I wish him well.  He always seemed like a team first guy in St. Louis. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

American Cancers Society Day at Busch Stadium

I mentioned in yesterday's post that the family and I went to the Cardinals game this past Sunday.  Each year the Cardinals sponsor 2 American Cancer Society days, one for Illinois and one for Missouri.  I am not sure why there are 2 days because you do not have to be from the specific state to attend the pregame activities.  I could not attend the Illinois date, so we made it a point to attend Sunday's game.  The tickets were cheap, $85 for 4 bleacher seats.  Pregame activities which started at 9:00 for the 1:15 game included dugout tours, a pregame parade around the warning track, and autographs from 3 current players and 4 retired alumni. 

If you have read my blog, you would know that the autographs were the main reason we were going.  It was great of the Cardinals to release the names of the autograph signers on Thursday so I could prepare for them.  I know some events like this you never find out who will be there.  We arrived about 8:40 not knowing if there would be a big crowd.  There may have been 50 people at the gate we were at.  I was expecting more because almost 8,000 tickets were sold for this event.
The gates opened at 9.  The giveaway for the day were adult and kids stocking hats.  Nicely made, but a little on the small side.   My kids will be able to wear the adult sizes.  Anything free is always nice.  The autographs started at 9:15 and lasted until 11:00.  The players were scattered along the concourse on the first level.  We were provided a map of the locations, but not of who would be where.   We chose to hit up 2 current players first.

Andrew Knizner was my top priority.  He should be the full time back up catcher next year, and eventually take over for Molina if he ever retires.

This is a ticket from his MLB debut.  I was lucky to have a friend attend this game.  It is getting harder and harder to find hard copy tickets these days.  I forgot to mention that autographs were 1 per person.   Good thing there are 4 people in my family. 

I have gotten Ryan Helsley's autograph before when he played in Peoria.  I would guess he will be a bullpen piece next year.  He can throw 100mph, but has been prone to the home run so far.

Going into the day, I was only hoping to get Knizner and Helsley.  Anybody on top of that would be a bonus.  It only took 20 minutes to get through their lines.  Our next focus were 2 former players I had never received autos from.

I only had 1 card for Acevdo, so my wife and daughter stood in his line.  He only played in St. Louis for 2 seasons so there are not many Cardinal cards of him.  I always prefer my autographed cards to show the player in a Cardinals uniform.

My son and I hit up the Julian Tavarez line.  He also only played 2 seasons in St. Louis.  Both lines were pretty quick, so we split up again.

Lane Thomas had a fairly large line, but it moved along pretty quick.  My son and I waited in his line.  He does not have any MLB cards in a Cardinals uniform, so I used the stadium card from 2019 Topps.  Thomas hit a home run in his first big league at bat this year.  He has some nice potential, but the Cardinals outfield is pretty crowded.  He has a slight chance to be the 4th outfielder next year.

My wife and daughter got Politte while we waited in the Thomas.  They headed to the last alumini line while we were in the Politte line.  With 40 minutes left, we had one more line to make it through.
I was shocked to see how long the line was for John Costello.  He signs almost every year at Winter Warm Up and several other functions.  Pretty soon I will have a autographed copy of all his cards.   My son and I made it to his line just as my wife and daughter were close to the front.  We made it through all 7 lines in a little over an hour.  Pretty good for getting 21 autographs.

We did not do the dugout tour or pregame walk.   We have done the stadium tour twice before, so neither of those 2 activities were a big deal for us.  It was also Fiesta Cardenales theme day at Busch Stadium.   On the fourth deck there was a Spanish celebration with music and booths set up.  I bought a $20 theme ticket for a talking double bobblehead featuring the Cardinals Spanish announcers Polo Ascensio and Benji Molina.   The bobblehead is awesome.  From what little Spanish I know, they are calling a Yadier Molina home run.  The best part was they both were there signing the bobblehead.

This is the first bobblehead I have ever gotten signed.  It looks pretty sweet, but I doubt if I will get too many more autographed.  Most do not have a good spot for the signature like this one does.  After getting this signed, we sat done for lunch.   A free hot dog and 20oz soda was included with our ticket.  Overall  a great day until the top of the 9th inning.  It hurts to relive that, so I will end here.     



Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Red and Gold

It is getting down to crunch time for teams to make the playoffs.  Every game now is important.  With the big wins could come bad losses.  Such was the case for the the Cardinals on Sunday.  I was at the game (will have a longer post up this week about it)and watched Ryan Braun hit a grand slam in the 9th  to beat the Cards.  They still have a 2 game lead, but with a tough remaining schedule, I would not wager either way on their playoff chances.  I was cheered up somewhat Sunday after returning home to open Saturday's mail.  TCDB member Orry04 sent a nice package with some colorful Cardinals.

1997 Donruss Team sets look great with the Cardinals red sunburst at the bottom.  I will have to keep an eye out for more of these as I only have 4 of the 15 cards in the set.

Even though my scanner turned them bronze, these 2 cards are from the 1998 Pacific Online Red parallel set.  I have mentioned before how busy Online cards look.  The red does not help matters.

The last red card was this 1993 Action Packed Ken Boyer.  Looks like he forgot to wear some shades.  The Benes card is a base card from 1997 Pacific Crown Collection, while the Coleman is a 1989 Topps Tiffany. 

1996 Ultra Gold Medallion cards are not the best looking cards.   I really do not like cards that lack a background.  The big stamp does nothing for me.

Topps does there gold parallels much better.  The Wacha is from the 2019.  He pitched a nice 5 innings on Sunday before the bullpen fell apart on him.  Waino is my first cards from Heritage High Numbers.  2 more short prints I will need to find. 


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

1 For the Archives and Some Inserts

Despite my lack of trading time, I did receive a second trade package last weekend.   This one came from TCDB member billwill305. 

This card completes my 2018 Archives team set.  Funny I received this sp just a few days after getting the Pujols sp.  I hope it does not take me a year to finish the 2019 set. 

What better way to celebrate his birthday than to show 2 Paul Goldschmidt cards.  These are my first 2019 A&G minis.  Goldy hits well in Coors Field, so I hope he can help the Cardinals win 2 or 3 games vs Colorado this week. 

I also received my first 2019 Topps Chrome refractors, a sepia and a prism.  The prism refractors are better in my opinion.

Just like my other package, this one contained a sweet Bob Gibson card.  This 2019 Stadium Club Red Foil looks a lot better than yesterday's Heritage Flashback.  Classic Gibby release to the first base side of the rubber. 

Monday, September 9, 2019

2 in 1 Week

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I spent mine going to 2 soccer games, a volleyball tournament, and a band competition.  I have no idea how anyone with more than 2 kids can keep up with them.  I did have a few hours Sunday morning to sort through the mail and open a trade package from TCDB member Tgrs 4 me.   This is the second package I received from her in about a week.

My first taste of 2019 Archives.  I like the 1993 design better.  I am not a huge fan of the Molina mug shot.

 A couple of Cardinals HOFers in Brock and Gibson.   The Brock is the blue version from Series 2 Topps.

This McGwire was a welcome extra card in the trade.  This is one of 11 McGwires in the 1999 SP Authentic Home Run Chronicles base set.  TCDB keeps track of how many cards of a player you have.   Counting a few others I need to show, I know have 706 McGwires.  He is not a Cardinal I seek out except for the base cards.   Just goes to show you how many cards he does have.  Onward to 1,000 . 

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

First Trade in a Week

Like my last post said (which seems like it has been a month),  the school season has greatly diminished my hobby time.  I was hoping to spend some time over the holiday weekend working out a few trades, but that did not happen either.  At least I did received my end of one trade I worked out with TCDB member Tgrs 4 me.

Current closer Carlos Martinez was the last card I needed to complete this year's Big League team set.  He has a knack for making things interesting, but has been getting the job done.

Panini has some nice looking sets featuring retired players.  The Torre cards is my first from 2012 Golden Age.  The Bader is a short print from 2018 Diamond Kings.   It is nice to see him hitting better since his recent demotion.  Maybe he can hold onto the centerfield job for the remainder of 2019. 

The 2017 Honus Bonus team set is one that may never get done.  I now have 12 of the 18 Cardinals, but these things do not pop up very often.  I cannot recall every seeing one at a card show, and I hate to overpay online. 

My son came away with a nice 2019 Stadium Club Altuve for his player collection.  He was just asking me over the weekend why he has not received any new ones in a while.  Life a lot less hectic when I was 11 compared to what it is for him now.

 I usually do not show off trade bait, but this 2019 Prizm card is pretty sweet.  I have a couple of Yankee collectors who get first dibs on it.