Monday, March 4, 2024

Late to the Party

It has been a few weeks since 2024 Topps hit the shelves, and today I will be showing off my first cards from the set.  It has not been very hard resisting the urge to open packs, as my local Walmart did not have any in stock until last Tuesday.  It can be tough seeing the cool looking new cards onlince, but delayed gratification it a lot more cost effective in the card world.  There are plenty of collectors on TCDB who have them for trade.  Member RaysFanNC provided a great start to my team set.

Here are 7 of the 9 Cardinals in the base set.  Hard to pick out a favorite, but I would go with the Contreras.  His card shows off the emotion that he plays with.  Fermin was an interesting choice for inclusion in the set.  He played about 20 games for the Cardinals last year and batted .235.  That was good enough for Topps to give him an autograph in the set.  It has been selling for $5-10.  I will wait until it falls into the $2-3.

I also received a 2023 Chrome Update card.  Not sure where Burleson will be at the start of the season.  Up until last week, he was most likely the last bench bat.  Once Brandon Crawford signed, he most likely lost his spot.  

Friday, March 1, 2024

6 Pack

I had a hard time coming up with a title for today's post.  Ended up with a generic one describing how many cards I received in a trade from TCDB member Ymmat.  It is Friday and I am feeling uncreative.  

Starting off with a pair of 2022 Juan Yepez cards.  Yepez fell victim to the Paul Goldschmidt effect.  Since Goldy joined the Cardinals, there has been a number of players who have a decent hit tool, but cannot really play anywhere but first base.  Yepez, Luken Baker, Moises Gomez to name a few.  

A pair of catcher cards.  Panini chose a good pose to hide the logos on McCarver's 2023 Chronicles card.  Not a bad look, but still not as nice as the Contreras 2023 Mojo refractor.

Donovan is being eased back into action after elbow surgery.  This Capstone card is the red parallel.  Wish the background was not so dark, but I guess the ball in the background stands out that way.

This Lankford 1999 E-X Century is for my team set.  I have had the one in my player collection for a long time.  


Wednesday, February 28, 2024

New Cardinals Auto from EBAY

I am one of those weird team collectors who get excited to add an obscure player's autograph to my collection.  I have a list of former Cardinals who have certified autographs which I do not have.  Most cost less than $10, but some do not appear very often.  My latest EBAY purchase is a great example.

This 2004 UD Prosigs cost about $7 delivered.  I have been searching for this card for a long time.  I have seen it at some card shows near St. Louis but I did not like the double-digit price tag.  Calero completes my team set.  The autographs that year were part of the base set.  The throwback uniform is a great look.   

To my knowledge, this is Calero's only certified auto in a Cardinals uniform.  He does have a couple of autos in an A's uniform.  Calero played 2 seasons in St. Louis before being traded to Oakland in the Mark Mulder deal.  He was a pretty good reliever for 3 seasons before getting hurt.  He finished up his career with 1 year as a Marlin.      


Tuesday, February 27, 2024

TCDB 2 for Tuesday #69

Anybody else notice how slow the post office has been the past month?  Some of my trades take twice as long to reach their destination.  In the past, it took 3-4 days for something to arrive from my house to Denver.  The last 2 times it has taken 5-6 days.  You would think with the increase in stamps service would at least stay the same.  I guess we are talking about the USPS where nothing is really predictable.  At least my packages are still arriving.  This one from member timmy16 arrived on Saturday.

2 Topps Gold cards of former Cardinals.  Back in 2014, Carlos Martinez was a future star.  He was an All Star in 2015 and 2017, but lost his effectiveness shortly after.  He last pitched in the MLB for Boston in 2021.  DeJong has moved on to the White Sox this year.  I still root for him because he was always a nice guy anytime I met him.

I am ashamed to say I have not completed the 2014 Stadium Club team set yet.  After adding Wong, I am left with the Ozzie Smith card on my want list.  I believe Wong is still unsigned.  Makes sense when guys like Matt Chapman are still available.

Second trade envelope arrived a week ago from member danaadk.

I am also working on my 2023 Stadium Club team set.  With any luck it will be finished in a few weeks.

Nice to add one of the short prints from 2023 A&G.  Still have 4 more Cardinals to acquire to finish this one.  




Monday, February 26, 2024

Fourth Lankford of 2024

2023 saw me spend the most money on my Ray Lankford collection in a long time.  Panini included him in Donruss, Chronicles, and Immaculate and cranked out close to 50 new cards.  I have managed to track down most of them other than printing plates and some cards with a print run of less than 5.  

Earlier this month Panini released 2023 Flawless.  I was excited to see Lankford was included in the checklist.  My bank account was not so excited to see all 12 cards autographed and numbered to 25 or less.  I hope 2024 is not more expensive than 2023.  A handful of them have surfaced on EBAY, 2 with a starting price over $50.  That is too rich for my blood.  I was able to buy one for about $25 that arrived on Saturday.

This is the ruby version of the Signatures card.  It looks bronze in this scan, but is much closer to red in person.  Great looking card and very thick.  I will have to track down a version of his Achievements card that highlights his hitting for the cycle during his rookie year.    

Friday, February 23, 2024

Monthly Ron B Package

TCDB member and one of my favorite trading partners Ron B sent his seemingly monthly package my way this week.  Even though I know most of the cards that are coming, it is still a thrill to open his packages.  This one did not disappoint.

Starting off with a trio of Pujols cards, including 2 short prints.  The 2008 Heritage card has the black ink variation on the back.  

A couple of regular inserts, one from Gallery and one from Series 1.  I have set a goal to own the Gibson rookie card in 3 years.  By that time, I will have my mortgage paid off and only 1 child in college.  

A 3 pack of A&G minis, including 2 versions of a 2016 Matt Holiday.  If you look closely, you will notice the A&G back is the no number version that has a print run of 50.  

Ron has great luck finding Cardinals refractors in bargain boxes.  

He also found a stash of colored parallels.  Wish I could find Topps gold cards for a dime or quarter.  

Moving to the Panini portion of the trade with 2 Hall of Fame cards and a should be Hall of Famer in Boyer.  

The Panini refractor type portion of the trade was colorful.  Both the Wynn and Coleman cards are beautiful in hand.  

Ron never forgets to include some Altuve cards for my son.  If you happen to be on TCDB, his id is RonSolo1.  Very easy to deal with and a great person to send your unwanted Pirate cards to.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

TCDB 2 for Tuesday #68

Almost did not get today's post in.  Left my house at about 4:30 this morning to take my wife to the hospital for a knee scope to clean up a torn meniscus.  We were back home by 9:00.  Amazing how far some medical surgeries have come.  She is resting comfortably with an ice pack right now, so I have some spare time before dinner needs to be fixed.

First trade consisted of 3 cards from member Rooty10.

Edman has been slowed a little from offseason surgery but should be ready to start the season.  Arenado has mentioned coming back strong after a down 2023 season.  I hope so.  

Jordan Montgomery is still unemployed.  I would be thrilled to see him back in St. Louis, but there is little chance the Cardinals will pay up for him.

Second trade came from member Tastybrisket10.

It is nice to be able to add a Walker card via trade.  This one is a factory set rookie variation.  The Libby is a nice 1988 insert.  

Ozzie Smith has been spending the last few days in spring training working with the Cardinals infielders, especially shortstop Masyn Winn.  Maybe Topps can create a Then & Now Heritage insert of them in the next year or two.  This 2023 A&G mini is an ad back.

This is one of those cards I swore my son already had, but somehow never picked up.  Another reason why I always check his list before completing a trade.