Thursday, March 4, 2021

Waited a Month

Looking back through some of my recent posts I realize I have talked about the post office quite a bit.  A little good, but mostly bad.  Yesterday's mail brought another example of the bad.  On January 31, TCDB member PennsylvaniaTiger and I both mailed a pwe to each other.  His cards arrived in Pennsylvania on February 5.  Mine finally arrived yesterday.  No damage and no markings on the envelope other than the postmark from January 31.  If I were to give a grade to the PO for this one it would be a D-.  Only positive were the cards arrived safe and sound.  Let's see what I waited over a month for.

What an incredible card.  Just when I think I have seen all the inserts from the early 2000s, another one pops up that is new to my collection.  This Drew insert is from 2002 Fleer Genuine.  

My 2020 Bowman Platinum team set is finally complete.  The 2019 Holiday Ozuna is a metallic parallel.  

Lots of cool 2020 Stadium Club cards arrived including a red foil, black foil, and a xfractor from the Chrome set.  Hard to pick out a favorite in this bunch, but I would go with the Edman.

My son received Altuve cards from the same sets along with a A&G mini.  I thought his quest for 400 would last into the summer, but I am pretty sure he might make it there before the end of March.  




Wednesday, March 3, 2021

A Pair of Smalls

 Continuing with my highlights from Monday's big mail day, today I have a couple of small trades.  The first is a pwe from TCDB member TheBucsStopHere.

I am not a big fan of 1 or 2 card trades for low dollar cards unless it is for a card I have been trying to find for awhile like the 2012 Topps Gold Sparkle Motte.  I just need one more Cardinals to complete the 30 card team set.  These look great in hand.  I wish Topps would use this design instead of the hobby only gold foil from the last couple of years.  The Taveras is from 2013 Bowman Platinum.  Hard to imagine he could have been playing in the same outfield as Dylan Carlson this year.  

The second trade came from a member of a Facebook group that I recently joined.

The trader post a box break that featured the Red Ice Mikolas numbered to 199.  From there we expanded the trade to include a couple more 2021 inserts.  It is tempting to try to build the Red team set, but the Dylan Carlson card will most likely be more than what I want to pay.  

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

A Minors and Oddball PWE

Yesterday was a great mail day as I had 4 packages arrive.  It almost feels like Christmas when you get to open so many things in one day.  They ranged in size from 2 cards to 16 cards.  I will not bother with the large package as it was the result of a 2021 Topps break that gained me only a couple of inserts to go along with most of the Cardinals base set that I am sure you all have seen by now.  Instead I will show 7 cards that arrived in a pwe from TCDB member jrad1973.

The 1990 CMC set featured 29 Louisville Redbirds cards.  At the time that was the Cardinals Triple A team.  Only 7 more to track down before I can put this one to bed.

Nothing mainstream about these 2 cards.  Not a lot of retail value, but I love them anyway.  Ozzie is from the 1991 Classic Game set, Coleman is a 1990 Topps Woolworth, and the Smith is a 1992 Score 100 Superstars card.  

My son has a subscription to SI for Kids, but I do not recall ever getting any Cardinals other than Paul DeJong.  He has quite the stack of cards to go through since he started receiving the magazine 3 years ago.  This Molina is from 2013.

The most basic card was this 1996 Pacific Crown Collection one that finished my 15 card team set.  I always like seeing the logo on the front of a card for some reason.  


Monday, March 1, 2021

Gamble Paid Off

One of my favorite EBAY searches is for Cardinals lots.  There are thousands of them listed.  Every once in awhile I will find a listing that catches my eye among the hundreds of auctions for junk wax lots.  I love Ozzie Smith, but I do not need 50 of his 1991 Fleer cards for a starting bid of $10.  Last week I found a listing with a bad title that contained 8 Cardinals for $3 plus $5 shipping.  Only drawback was the seller had 0 feedback.  I went back and forth over whether to bid, but in the end was the only bidder for the $3 price.  I figured if I did not receive the cards, I would not be out much and EBAY would make things right anyway.  

I won the auction on a Monday.  The seller provided a tracking number on Tuesday morning.  The cards arrived in Illinois from New York on Friday.  That was pretty good service.  The postage was $4.95, so the seller was dead on with his charge.  Each card was in its own top loader, taped with painters tape, and all cards were then taped between 2 pieces of cardboard.  Nice job on his part to make sure everything was secure.  So lets see what I ended up with for less than $9 delivered.

I will start with 2 2021 Topps cards I did not need.  One of my pet peeves is when you say you are selling Cardinals , but I receive a non Cardinals card.  Yes Arendao is know a Cardinal, but this is a Rockies card.  At least it is easily tradable as a lot of collectors are going after this insert set.  I have mutiple copies of the Whitley card from a previous box break.

Things got better with these 2 Goldschmidt cards.  I have both of these also, but maybe a fellow Cardinals fan needs them.  

The Carlson Chrome is the first card I needed.  I have 2 copies of his base card, but these are pretty hot right now so I will save this one back.  

Now things get a lot better.  I know it is not a licensed card, but I will not turn away a Carlson autograph for less than $10.  This 2020 Leaf Draft card pictures him in his Peoria Chiefs uniform.  I bet I saw him play at least 10 different games there during the 2017 season.

How about a Christmas card orange autograph from 2019 Finest to finish the 8 card lot.  O'Neill is slated to be the opening day left fielder.  For how long depends on how well he hits.  So that is all 8 cards that were in the scan, but the seller included another in a one touch holder.

Kelly was one of my favorite Peoria Chiefs.  It was sad to see him get traded to Arizona, but it helped the Cardinals get Goldschmidt and gave him some much needed playing time.  This is my 4th different autograph of his.  Panini does well with catcher's cards.  

I ended up with 3 autographs and a nice Carlson chrome insert for less than $9.  Overall I cannot complain about that.  Sometimes it pays to give new sellers a chance.


Friday, February 26, 2021

2 PWEs to Finish the Week

Yesterday's mail was spot on for a change.  I received everything my informed delivery said I would .  Wish it was like that all the time.  Once I was done sifting through the sale flyers and bills, I found 2 small pwe trades staring back at me.  The first was from The Bench member David K.

David is the true definition of a baseball card COLLECTOR.  He is very easy to trade with.  He does not get caught up in the investor part of the hobby.  He runs numerous contests for autographs cards throughout the year, and often trades heavily in your favor.  For these 3 nice 2021 Topps cards, I sent him a couple of Twins refractors.  I offered more, but he declined.  Thankful that guys like him are still around to make this hobby so enjoyable.

The second trade was with TCDB member udelljaru.

The 2020 Topps Finest Flashbacks cards are simply awesome.  I hope Topps does not overdue the 1993 Finest design in the near future.  I have always been a fan of Ponce De Leon since watching him in Peoria.  He always had a cool demeanor on the mound back then.  I given anyone major credit for still wanting to pitch after taking a line drive to the head and almost dying.  I hope he gets a chance to stick with the Cardinals this year in the bullpen.  I think he would be more effective as a reliever due to his high pitch counts.  This 2020 A&G insert highlights his MLB debut of 7 no hit innings against the Reds.


Thursday, February 25, 2021

Pair of 5s

 After bragging about the post office getting things closer to normal, things are going back in the wrong direction.  My informed delivery never matches what is actually delivered.  On Monday I was supposed to receive 6 pieces of mail.  I received 1 and some sales flyers.  Tuesday I was due 4 pieces and got none.  The carrier is coming because the outgoing mail is being picked up.  Weather is not an issue right now as temps have been in the upper 40s all week.  I guess I should be thankful when anything is delivered, like yesterday when I received 2 pwes with 5 cards each.  

First up is a trade from TCDB member astrosammy.  

It is rare to see a Tino Martinez card on this blog.  He was not a fan favorite during his 2 years in St. Louis.  He really did not perform that bad, but it was nowhere close to his Yankee stats.  Topps gave him 3 different variations in the 2002 206 set.  Quite a few veterans were giving this treatment.  I am not sure if any is more rare than the others, but is is nice to cross 2 of my want list.

2021 Topps Gold cards are harder to find this year thanks to the supposed increased production.  They still look more bronze to me than gold.  I still need 1 more 2020 Holiday base card for my team set now that Ravelo is crossed off.  I am not having as much luck tracking down the Metallic parallels.  I need 2 more cards to finish the 2001 Topps Chrome Update team set.  Take a guess what high priced rookie cards those 2 are.

The next trade came from The Bench member scc76.

I have very few Heritage chrome or refractor cards in my collection.  It is nice to add one of Cardinal great like Wainwright.  This one is a 2014 Chrome numbered to 999.  The White Border Carpenter is from the 2015 Gypsy Queen set.  He is a man without a position this year thanks to the Arenado trade and no DH in the National League.  Barring injury he still should get a couple starts a week filling in at first, second, and third.

My son's march to 400 different Altuve cards got a nice bump with these 3 cards.  The 2020 Diamond Kings is a short print.  MLB Network picked Altuve as a strong candidate for Comeback Player of the Year.  Maybe he can put his injuries and trash can scandal in the past.




Monday, February 22, 2021

Fun Little PWE Trade

My onslaught of incoming pwe trades continued on Saturday with the arrival of a trade from TCDB member engine614.  Even though there were only 6 cards in the envelope, they hit a number of different Cardinals collections.

I love the oddball box sets that Fleer produced in the late 1980s.  I have never heard of this set before, so I am assuming it was one of those sets you bought from a local drug store.  

Some people may refer to these as junk wax, but I do not.  Parallels from the 1990s take me back to when it was fun to pull cards of your favorite team regardless of player.  Both Perez and Cormier only pitched a handful of seasons for St. Louis as relief pitchers, but they were big names to me back then.  The Perez finished my 1994 Upper Deck Electric Diamond set while the Cormier did the same for my 1994 Stadium Club Golden Rainbow set.

In all my years of collecting cards, I have never opened a pack of Finest.  That explains why I always have a Finest hole in my collection.  After adding the 2009 Ludwick, I only need to track down Albert Pujols to finish my team set.  My 2011 Finest team set is now done after adding the Sanchez card.

If I had to vote for a favorite set of 2020, it would be Big League.  Great photography, budget friendly, and nice parallels are just some of the positives of the set.  I remember how much fun my son and I had busting a hobby box and completing the set.  Once I track down the Kolten Wong card, the orange parallel team set will be complete.