Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Quick EBAY Auto Show Off

I have had some luck recently adding some cheap autographs to my Cardinals collection from EBAY.  Other than the Jordan Walker auto, nothing has been over $10.  I added another new Cardinals to my collection Monday when an EBAY standard envelope arrived.

I won this Bedell refractor from 2020 Bowman Chrome Draft for less than $5 delivered.  I think the standard envelope scared a few bidders away.  This one came in a top loader and a team bag inside a photo mailer.  Cost the seller $0.93 to mail.  Great deal for both of us.  Bedell was a 4th round draft pick in 2020 who only pitched in 2 games in 2021 before undergoing Tommy John surgery.  He should make it back for the second half of the 2022 season.  Maybe I will get a chance to see him pitch in Peoria.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

2 Small 2 for Tuesday Trades

It has been a few weeks since I did a 2 for Tuesday recap.  I have a few smaller trades sitting on my desk right now, and with holiday coming up later this week I wanted to get a few things posted.  First up is a 2 pack from TCDB member dettigersmlb.  If you could not tell by his name, he is a Detroit fan.  I sent him 3 Tigers from my 2021 Heritage Minors box for a couple of Cardinals.

There are so many different parallels from 2014 Topps.  It is very easy to forget about a certain color.  The yellow ones do not show up very often, so it was nice to cross Mr. Kelly off my wantlist.  The die cut Gibson is a 2021 insert.  

The second trade was with The Bench member mcgwirenut.  He is a Cardinals and McGwire collector, but I traded him some Heritage Minors inserts in this deal.  

It has been a long time since I crossed any 2008 Upper Goudey cards off my list.  Mostly because I just need short prints.   Glad to get these 2 Pujols cards.  The Gorman is a 2021 Heritage Minors insert sticker.   

Monday, November 22, 2021

Card Show Recap

My schedule for this past Saturday was open for a change.  No household chores that had to be done, and no ball games to attend.  A quick check of the Beckett online show calendar showed 3 different shows with in a 2 hour drive.  I have been to 2 of them before with some luck, but I chose the new location.  It was in a mall that we have shopped at before.  I figured this would give my wife and daughter something to do while my son and I browsed the 50 tables.  

We arrived about 30 minutes after the mall opened.  We did a quick walk through of all the tables to scope out where the bargain boxes were.  We ended up buying cards from 4 different dealers.  I will go in order of the purchases.  First up was a father and son combo that had 3 monster boxes of $1 cards.  At first I was not going to spend much time at their table, but the father was very friendly.  His boxes were a mix of sports, but he said there were some good Cardinals and a few bargains to be found if we spent the time digging.  

We found 4 Cardinals that I needed.  The Carpenter is numbered to 150.  The Molina 2019 Archives purple numbered to 175 has a slight bend in a corner, but not too bad.  I will gladly take any Cardinals autograph I need for $1 even if it is a sticker and has no logos.

I also pulled these 5 cards for a $1 each.  The dealer was not lying when he said I would find some bargains.  3 autographs including 1 numbered to 199, a relic card of the NL MVP, and a nice Chipper Jones insert numbered to 99.

Our next stop was a dealer who had his card separated by player.  I did not find any Cardinals I wanted for the price he was charging, but my son did find 5 Altuve cards for $5.

Included in this lot is 2020 Topps Foilboard numbered to 264, a 2020 Bowman Platinum Teal numbered to 299, a 2021 Bowman Chrome, a 2021 Prizm Fearless, and a 2021 Prizm Fearless Red Wave numbered to 99.  I was thinking closer to $3 instead of $5, but did not want to haggle over $2.  I printed out my son's Altuve have list that he checked to make sure he needed all these.  He had pulled 3 others, but put them back after checking his list.  

Our next purchase was by far the best.  I have dug through many dime boxes over my card show adventures, but never a 12 for $1 box.  This dealer had a 5,000 count box full of 2020 and 2021 cards.  I told my son pull anything that was numbered, colored, or looked like a shiny insert.  We pulled 72 cards in about 30 minutes.  Here is what $6 bought.

My first 2021 Bowman Platinum cards.

A handful of colored parallels.  The 2021 Fuschia Shimmer card is numbered to 199.

2020 Topps Foilboard cards numbered to 229.

Topps Gold cards from 2020 and 2021.

2020 Optic Green parallels including 2 Cardinals for the personal collection.

2020 Prizm Red, White, and Blue parallels.  I had both Cardinals, but should be able to trade them pretty easily.

These were the last 3 cards I pulled to make an even $6.  I always seem to have people wanting to trade for Red Sox cards.

We found a huge run of 2021 Topps Chrome refractors.  There many have been some base refractors, but those can be hard to spot.  

Pink refractors.  That is the same Goldschmidt I paid $1 for early in the show.  

Prism Refractors.


Sepia refractors.  I did need both of these Cardinals.  Quite a few big names over all the refractors.  Last but not least were some Bowman Chrome Mojo refractors.

All of these except the Liberatore are from 2021.  It is from 2020.  I did not need it or the Gorman for my pc.  Once again some big names like Volpe, Kelenic, and Rutschman were had for less than a dime.

The last card we bought was the most expensive for $13.

There are not many Templeton autographs in a Cardinals uniform.  He played 6 seasons in St. Louis before being traded in the Ozzie Smith deal.  

That wrapped up our shopping.  We spent $33 in about 2 hours.  The females actually finished shopping before we did.  They spent a lot more than us.  



Friday, November 19, 2021

More Gold and Base

Just like yesterday's recap, today's post features some Topps Gold Cardinals and some base cards from some sets not hit very often.  All of these came in a trade with TCDB member CubinSTLsets.  

Both gold cards are from 2011 Topps.  I now have half of the 26 card team set.  I talk a lot about finishing a Topps Gold team set.  I am pretty sure this will not be the first.

Some of my favorite cards are from the early 1990s.  They are not worth a lot, but they remind me of my early collecting years and when I had time to listen to almost every game.  I remember many nights falling asleep to the sound of Jack Buck's voice.  This 1993 Team Stadium Club card is not a bad design, but would look a lot better without the green bar on the right side.  

I am amazed how many base cards I need from the late 1990s and early 2000s.  Back then I was fresh out of college with no house, student loans, or family to worry about.  I would hate to see how much money I spent opening packs back then.  I was always busting a blaster or hobby box every week.  The above cards are from 2002 Victory, 1999 Topps Stars, 2003 Donruss Team Heroes, and 2002 Upper Deck 40 Man.  I would love to complete the 44 card 40 man team set.  Just 6 more to go after adding the Pearce card.

A long time ago I bought an EBAY lot full of Cardinals Police sets.  At least they were advertised as complete sets.  Some had a card or two missing like the 2004 Edmonds pictured above.  These do not show up very often in singles form.  I always think I will attend a show in the St. Louis area and find them, but most of the time it is just a team set.  I am not to the point yet of paying $8-$10 for a couple of common players.  

Thursday, November 18, 2021

A Trio of 3s

I had a rare bubble mailer trade show up on Monday from The Bench member liberatemadmess.  I sent him 3 different duplicate Cardinals from Bowman Chrome in exchange for a 9 Cardinals.  There are 3 themes to the cards I received.

The 2019 Topps Tribute cards are very high quality.  They are super thick and very high gloss.  I wish I could find some of these in quarter or dime boxes.

These Topps Gold cards are from 2019.  The top 2 are from Series 2, the bottom is an Update card.  I am about 2/3 of the way done with the Series 1 and 2 set.  Maybe it will be the first gold team set I finish.

The last trio of cards are from Bowman Chrome.  The 2017 Reyes card finished a team set.  I received the photo variation a few weeks ago.  The Dunn is from 2018 Draft.  The Winn refractor is from 2020 Draft.    


Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Action Packed Minors Trade

 Another pwe trade rolled in Monday from TCDB member sparkchaser41.  He is a set builder I have traded with several times before.  This time I sent him some 2019 Topps Archives base cards in exchange for some Cardinals from 3 different sets.

There are 2 different version of 1990 CMC Louisville Redbird cards.  The ones like this Sherrill card that came in packs have a yellow back.  There is also a stadium give away set that has a green back.  Each set features the same 29 cards with the same card number.  It took me a long time to track down the green back Lankford for my player collection.

Fast forward 31 years and minor league cards sure have changed.  The 2021 Pro Debut set features 6 different Cardinals.  I need to find 2 more to finish my team set.  Maybe next year instead of Heritage Minors I will break a box of this.  

The last 3 cards are from the 1993 Action Packed All Star Gallery set.  I love the photos from this set.  You do not see too many cards that picture Joe Torre as a catcher.  The sepia photos for the old timers looks good also.  I should have posted a scan of the back of the cards.  Career totals along with a list of highlights make up a good portion of the card.  I never knew Torre was NL Manger of the Year in 1982 for the Braves before having this card.   

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

2 Autos From EBAY

 Last week's mail brought 2 different autographs from EBAY.  The first is the only Cardinals autograph from 2021 Heritage Minors.

Nothing against Hence, but it was a little disappointing to not see Nolan Gorman or Jordan Walker have an auto in the set even though they had base cards and inserts.  Hence was a second round pick in 2020.  He should make his full season debut this year with Palm Beach, and maybe move up to Peoria before the end of the year.  He just turned 19 in August, so there is plenty of time for him to develop.  This card was little less than $5 delivered.

I spent more of my birthday money on this 2021 Bowman Sterling autograph.  This one was about $25 delivered.  Walker's Pro Debut or Bowman Platinum autographs are cheaper, but I prefer on card autos.  Walker is already #57 on the top 100 prospects list.  I look for him to move up quite a bit if he spends most of next year in Double A Springfield.  Hammonds Field is a hitter's ballpark where he could hit 30 home runs if he stays there long enough.