Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Bucs for Cards

One of the card collecting spreadsheets I keep is for team collectors.  I keep track of who collects certain teams, what forum/website they belong to, and whether or not I owe them any cards.  This comes in very handy when I am at card shows.  

You may find this hard to believe, but one of the more popular teams that I trade is the Pirates.  Trading Bases member Ron B gets the bulk of them, but there are 3 or 4 other Bucs collectors that I trade with.  TCDB member mac412 reached out to me about a few Pirates he needed last week.  I sent 13 Pirates his way in return for 20 cards that were delivered to me on Monday.  7 of them are for in person autographs, so I will not show them.

My first 2022 Bowman Cardinals included all 6 of the base cards and 1 prospect card.  It is nice to see players like Yepez and Nootbaar get some hobby love.

Arenado was the NL player of the month in April, but has since hit a slump like most of the other Cardinals starters.  They are not too far behind the Brewers right now, but that gap will get wider if they do not start scoring some runs.  

The many colors of the 2021 Mosaic rainbow is shown off here with this reactive yellow Edman card.  If you look at it too long, it is like staring at the sun.  

This is one of those cards I could not believe I did not have.  This Edmonds is from the 2004 Fleer Patchworks set.  I like the photo with the sepia background of  Wrigley Field, but am not a fan of the dark logo on the right side.  Shrink it down, use color, and display more of the photo.

My son added a couple of 2022 Altuve cards to his set.  He thinks this will be the last card of Altuve and Correa together, but I doubt Topps will let that happen.  


Tuesday, May 17, 2022

TCDB 2 for Tuesday #14

 The first 2 for Tuesday of May features 2 pwe trades with a total of 5 cards.  The first came from TCDB member BLWinborn40.

Colorful shiny cards help to offset the lack of logos.  The 2017 pink Carpenter is nice, but the 2021 red, white, and blue Woodford is better.  Patriotic cards are always sharp.

The second trade came from TCDB member jencola71.

This trade actually contained 4 more cards, but those will be used for in person autographs.  2 of the cards are of Winn.  I hope to make it to Peoria before he gets promoted.  Last year I had him sign this same 2020 Bowman Draft Chrome.  Although it looks somewhat purple in the scan, the 2017 Chrome Molina is actually a pink refractor.  The 2019 Finest Altuve continues my son's march to 600 different cards.  I doubt we get there before the end of the year, but you never know.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Found Some Spare Time

Lately I have been forced to be choosy with my spare time.  Work has picked up now that it has stopped raining every other day.  My work hours have been anywhere between 8 and 11 hours a day the last 2 weeks.  My son's baseball season is still in full swing also, so 2 nights a week and the better part of Saturdays are spent with his team.  When I do get a moment of down time at home, it has been hard to motivate myself to get off the couch and do something.  If it was not for some new releases coming out this month, I may not have even touched my cards for a while.

My last post earlier this month showed off some of the new 2022 Bowman cards that I received from a blaster box.  I sent a few of those cards off to TCDB member Americana last week in return for some Cardinals.  

This trader buys quite a few online exclusive packs/sets from Topps.  The Molina is a Topps X Aaron Judge card, the Gibson a Topps X Super 70s card.  I will give Topps some credit for making these overpriced exclusive cards very nice quality.

Like a ton of other collectors, it feels strange to say I just received my first cards from 2021 Big League.  I have always been a fan of the base set.  The Defensive Wizards insert set gives me a Fleer Pro Visions feel.

I also received my first cards from 2021 Panini Contenders.  Unlike Big League, this set has been out for a bit.  Not too much positive to say about the design of the base cards or the Ticket to Stardom insert.

Montero was the best position prospect the Rockies received in the Arenado trade.  He made is debut in early May, but was sent down after 1 game in which he went 2 for 4 with 2 strikeouts.  Kim has went back to the Korean league.  I am sure Topps will produce some 2022 cards of him.  This 2021 Optic card finished my base set.  

Thursday, May 5, 2022

2022 Bowman Blaster

There is an old saying that you should not go to the grocery store when you are hungry.  If you put that in baseball card terms, you should not go to Walmart/Target right after a new product is released.  For a collector like myself who watches my hobby budget pretty closely, it does not pay to buy overpriced blasters very often but it is hard to resist the temptation.

After spending most of last Saturday working outside on various projects, my wife, son, and I headed to Walmart to do the weekly shopping.  My son knows exactly where the card isle is and always steers the cart to that checkout lane.  I was a little in shock to see over 20 blasters of 2022 Bowman baseball sitting on the shelf.  I believe it was just released a few days before.  The card inventory at my Walmart has been back to pre covid levels the last few months, but I was still surprised to see so much new product.  Because he helped me most of the afternoon, I gave in and let my son pick out a box that was about $35 after taxes.  That is steep for 7 packs of 12 cards, but that is the world we live in now.  I will let you judge the value of my purchase.

The checklist has 100 veterans and 150 prospects.  Each pack had about 6 veterans, 3 paper prospects, 1 insert and 2 chrome prospects.  I was a little disappointed not getting a single Cardinal in the entire box.  My son did manage to pull the Altuve base card.

My 16 chrome cards had 8 1st year cards and 8 other cards.  I do not remember if each pack had 1 of each.  I did not recognize any big names right away.  After looking at the draft status and prospect rankings on the back, it did not appear like I pulled anything great.

We hit the insert ratio almost dead on.  The 3 different cards on the top were 1:6 packs, the bottom 2 1:3 packs.

My son and I opened 3 packs each.  My wife wanted to open a pack also.  Her pack contained the next 2 cards.

She pulled this Abrams first.  Not a bad card with odds being 1:595 retail packs.

Autograph odd are actually better at 1:129 packs.  I have never heard of Fassnacht.  He was picked in the 8th round of the 2019 draft.  His player page on says he retired in February 2022.  Maybe there is a Phillie collector out there who can use this.  



Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Almost the Same as Last Time

It has been almost 2 weeks since my last trade post.  I hope to pick things up with the new trade bait I purchased at the card show last weekend.  I did manage a small trade with fellow Cardinals fan and TCDB member timriess last week that was very similar to my last trade.

Last trade gained my 3 2022 Heritage base cards.  This one I received the last 2 non short prints along with a nice Carlson insert.  Carlson is one of several Cardinals starters who are hitting below .200 right now.  Maybe there is some truth about the balls being dead this year.

Like last trade, I received 4 total Cardinals in the package.  This time #4 was an insert.  TCDB has a trade matching feature which sends a notification to you when someone lists a card for trade from your wantlist.  It seemed like I received 2 or 3 message daily about this 2022 insert.  Glad I can cross it off my list.

Unlike last time, my son received an Altuve for his collection.  Altuve has 23 home runs in 79 career post season games.  Sign stealing or not , that is quite the accomplishment.


Tuesday, May 3, 2022

It Pays to go to Card Shows

 A week ago Saturday my son and I attended our first card show of 2022.  The timing of the show was perfect, as my son had a baseball tournament about 10 miles from the mall where it was held.  After he won 2 games in the morning, we hit up the show.  

We attended 2 shows at the same mall last year.  The first one was pretty good, the second just ok.  We spent a little over 2 hours at the show going through countless bargain boxes.  We bought cards from 7 different dealers.  I believe it was advertised as 50 tables, but I would guess there were a few more.  Lots of cards to show, so here goes.

First dealer had a few dollar boxes sorted by various sports.  We found 1 Altuve for my son's collection.

The next dealer had various quarter, fifty cent, and dollar boxes.  I spent about 15 minutes going through the quarter boxes.  I could have spent more, the cards were all mixed in with other sports.  

This mall does not have the best phone reception, so I was not able to check my TCDB inventory to see if I needed these Cardinals.  I lucked out and needed all 4.  The Carpenter is numbered to 250.

I love finding cheap trade bait in these boxes.  I try to stick to teams I know I can trade.  Anything colored, premium brands, or parallels are what I look for.  In all I pulled 30 cards and got a small deal for $7.

Dealer #3 had one box of cards marked 6 for $1.

I needed the Woodford for my Cardinals collection, the rest are trade bait.  

Dealer #4 also had a bunch of quarter boxes.  These were sorted by sport thankfully.  

More trade bait with the exception of an Altuve.  I am a sucker for parallels from 2021 Chronicles and Mosaic.  

Dealer #5 had a box of older autographs marked 4 for $5.  I managed to find 4 Cardinals I did not have.

Nothing high dollar here, but 2 numbered autos are hard to pass up.  I did not have an autograph of Williams yet, so Panini will have to do since he is no longer with St. Louis.  

The same dealer also had 2 monster boxes full of dime cards.  I found 30 of them for another $3.

I only needed the Gorman for my Cardinals collection, but the other 2 refractors should not be hard to trade.

The rest of the dime cards were trade bait.  

Dealer #6 was actually packing his stuff up for the day.  I found this a little odd since it was only around 3:00 in the afternoon and the show ran until 8 on Saturday and also Sunday afternoon.  He said things were slow on his end since he only had baseball.  He was wearing an Astros hat, so my son asked if he had any Altuve cards.  The dealer knew of 1 and sold it for $1.

The Topps Holiday short prints are not that hard too find, but still cool to get for a buck.

I wish I had found dealer #7 earlier in the day.  He was at the end of the mall somewhat by himself.  His quarter boxes were sorted by team.  They were full of parallels, inserts, and premium brand base cards.  I pulled 40 cards from him for $10.  

These 8 Altuve cards pushed my son over the 500 mark.  He already has his sights on 600.  The dealer mentioned he has a ton more cards to add to these boxes before the next show at the same mall in July.  I will be sure to find him first.

The rest of my $10 was spent on trade bait.  Just an awesome assortment of cards.  Most of the Pirate and Yankee cards are already in the mail.  

We spent $30 total at the show, but our last pickup was in the parking lot.  It was a very windy day that afternoon.  On the way out to our vehicle, my son spotted something floating in the air that looked like a dollar bill.  With no one around, I told him to go get it.  

I made sure there were nobody close before I allowed him to keep Mr. Jackson.  Not sure if this was lost by a card show attendee, a regular mall shopper, or someone a mile away.  My son's first thought was to go back into the show and spend it, but we decided to call it a day.  Spending a net of $10 on 120 cards is a pretty good day.  



Thursday, April 21, 2022

Small Thursday

Things have been slow on the trade front lately.  My son's baseball games/practices have really cut into my spare time during the evenings.  By the time we get home, eat, and clean up I either have zero interest in sitting in front of a computer, or have regular household things that need attention.  In a good month I try to do 4 or 5 trades a week.  I will be lucky to average 2 a week in April.  I did mange to work out a small trade with TCDB member sparkchaser41 last week for a handful of team set needs.

I need 2 more base cards and 3 short prints to finish the 2022 Heritage set.  Doubt that will happen anytime soon.

I did complete my 2002 Topps Archives team set with this Flood card.  I only have 14 of his cards in my collection.  That is pretty sad considering he played on some great teams in the 1960s, and also had a major role in the birth of free agency.  He does not get included in too many retro sets like other Cardinals, but he still has a fair amount of cards.  One of my white whales is a relic or autograph of his.  


Monday, April 18, 2022

Thanks to Kerry

My favorite Cardinals blogger Kerry sent me an unexpected pwe full of Cardinals last week.  What a great way to celebrate the new season than with cards from a fellow Cardinals fan.  The pwe reminded me that I needed to send Kerry some payback from his previous package around Christmas time.  If you are reading Kerry, a small package should arrive sometime this week.  

It looks like Pacific took both of these shots at the same game.  There are a couple other cards from the 1998 Pacific Invincible Gems of the Diamond set that show Cardinals in the same uniform.  

I was surprised to find out I did not have any of the 2001 SP Game Bat Milestone Cardinals before this package.  Now I have 2.  This set will most likely never get finished due to the Pujols rookie card.  Albert hit home run #681 yesterday.  It would be awesome to see him get to 700 this year.  The Haren completed my 2003 Donruss Rookies team set.

I am still searching for a few 2021 Stadium Club Chrome Cardinals.  Now there is 1 less.  The Ozuna is from the 2018 Topps X Bryce Harper set.  First time I have seen one of these cards in person.

Kerry included a nice trio of refractors that included a 2013 Bowman Platinum purple, 2010 Topps Chrome Xfractor, and a 2021 Topps Chrome Prism refractor.  The Carpenter is not miscut despite what my scanner did to it.


Tuesday, April 12, 2022

TCDB 2 for Tuesday #13

The first TCDB 2 for Tuesday in April brings more of the usual things you would expect, 2 small trades from the Trading Card Database (TCDB) website. Today's first pwe trade arrived yesterday from member frankgifford.  This trade brought me 7 cards, but 3 of them I plan to use for in person autographing so I will spare you those pictures until I get them signed.

I am down to just needing a Jack Flaherty card to finish my 2021 Gallery team set.  I like how you can see the arches of Busch Stadium's upper deck in the background of the Gibson card.  

Altuve # 487 and 488 are now in my son's binders.  He loves how the 2018 Donruss Dominators Crystal cards looks.  Reminds me of a Topps cracked ice card.

The second trade came from member coachspike.  I sent him a few 2021 Topps Heritage Minor League cards in exchange for these 4 Cardinals.

Most of my 2021 Topps brand base sets are done minus a few short prints, so now it is time to fill in the holes on the parallel sets.  I am a big fan of the green border Gypsy Queen cards.  I think it is because all the green reminds me of a baseball diamond.  If mother nature holds out, I will be in the bleachers tomorrow to watch  Adam Wainwright pitch.  The way it looks now that is not going to happen.

Mosaic was my favorite Panini brand from 2021.  The parallels and inserts looked a little better than the Prizm ones.  Not much to say about the rather bland 2021 Optic Carlson other than I like the player.  Carlson is off to a pretty good start in the leadoff spot.  I mentioned last week that I expect a big year from him.  It should not hurt that he gets to face the Pirates and Cubs quite a few times this year.  Neither pitching staff is all that great.