Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Best Kind of Trade Package

I have been trading some of the cards from the EBAY lot I featured in my last post.  My first package arrived yesterday.  I worked out a trade on The Bench trading board involving 2 Keon Wong cards.  I received a small but sweet 2 pack of 2015 Bowman's Best cards.

I have not heard or read too many other opinions about the look of these cards, but I like them.  This is just a base card, but the various refractors are very sharp, especially the atomic refractors.  I love the large logo in the background and the lack of a border.

The background for the prospect auto cards feature a star instead of the team logo.  Not quite as colorful, but appropriate for the Future Star theme.  Plummer was the Cardinals #1 draft pick in 2015.  He played high school baseball in Michigan where the batter started with a 1-1 count.  I am not for sure the reason for that, but maybe it helped Plummer develop a good batting eye.  He projects to be a good average, high OBP type hitter with 10-15 home run potential.  I would guess he is at least 3-4 years away from the Majors. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

EBAY Chromed Me

I will be the first to admit I am not a big EBAY spender.  I think last year I spent about $200 buying cards from the auction giant.   Sure I spend a lot of time looking for various Cardinals, but I try to limit my purchases to Ray Lankford items I need, Cardinals autos that are less than $5 shipped, or nice sized Cardinals lots.

Two weeks ago I was searching for Cardinals lots when I found a 7 card lot that had an auto and a few chrome parallels.  Starting bid was $0.99, so I saved it and waited until the Wednesday night it ended to check on the status.  The auction was at $2.00 with about 15 minutes left, so I decided to check out the seller's other auctions.  Most of the auctions had a vague title that did not list every card.  The front of the cards were the only scans.  The seller offered $3 shipping for 1 lot, then a discount based on how many cards were shipped with it.  I ended up winning 8 different lots from him.  The cards arrived last week.

 I was pleasantly surprised how well the cards were packaged.  Each lot came in its own team bag with most of the cards being in top loaders.  Here are the lots with the winning bid
St. Louis Cardinals $3.06
2013 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor 112 Jaime Garcia 13/50
2013 Bowman Chrome Orange Refractor 126 David Freese 18/25
2014 Bowman Chrome 12 Oscar Taveras
2014 Bowman Chrome Green Refractor BCP82 Rafael Medina 3/75
2014 Bowman Chrome Bubbles Refractor BCP69 Breyvic Valera 39/99
2014 Bowman Chrome Silver Wave BCP42 Tim Cooney 7/15
2014 Bowman Chrome Autograph Tim Cooney

Tampa Rays $1.56
2014 Bowman Chrome Refractor BCP76 Jeff Ames
2014 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor  BCP76 Jeff Ames 70/250
2014 Bowman Chrome Green Refractor BCP2 Kean Wong 43/75
2014 Bowman Chrome Red Wave Refractor BCP2 Kean Wong 5/25
2014 Bowman Chrome Autograph Johnny Field
 Atlanta Braves $0.99
2014 Bowman Chrome Purple Refractor 15 Ervin Santana 36/150
2014 Bowman Chrome Red Ice BP1 Jason Hursh 3/25
2014 Bowman Chrome Draft Autograph Chad Sobotka

Baltimore Orioles $1.29
2014 Bowman Chrome Green Refractor BCP74 Tim Berry 25/75
2014 Bowman Chrome Autograph Adrian Marin (2)

Milwaukee Brewers $1.04
2014 Bowman Chrome Purple Refractor 119 Khris Davis 80/150
2014 Bowman Draft Chrome Red Ice DP39 Jacob Gatewood 132/150
2014 Bowman Chrome Autograph Devin Williams

New York Mets $0.99
2014 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor 100 Curtis Granderson 36/250
2014 Bowman Chrome Silver Wave BCP92 LJ Mazzilli 19/25
2014 Bowman Chrome Autograph Jeff McNeil

Cleveland Indians $2.75
2014 Bowman Chrome Refractor BCP41 Joe Wendle 243/500
2014 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor CDP36 Mike Papi 356/399
2014 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor CTP-88 Tyler Naquin 46/50
2014 Bowman Chrome Red Ice BP110 Joe Wendle 6/25
2014 Bowman Chrome Autograph Matt Whitehouse
2014 Bowman Chrome Autograph Luigi Rodriguez
2014 Bowman Chrome Autograph Anthony Santander

The Cardinals lot was the last one to end, so I had to make sure I won it.  I did lose out on a couple of other auctions, but was pretty happy with the results.  I did win another auction after the Cardinals lot.

2013 Topps Triple Threads Amethyst $0.99
5 Albert Pujols 598/650 Angels
6 Justin Verlander 303/650 Tigers
7 Ozzie Smith 78/650 Cardinals
15 RA Dickey 293/650 Blue Jays
26 Ryan Braun 465/650 Brewers
28 Greg Maddux 262/650 Braves
33 Yogi Berra 292/650 Yankees
34 Tony Gwynn 612/650 Padres
39 Harmon Killebrew 391/650 Twins
40 Tom Glavine 113/650 Braves
43 John Smoltz 489/650 Braves
54 Tim Lincecum 432/650 Giants
57 Yu Darvish 636/650 Rangers
61 Buster Posey 34/650 Giants
65 Troy Tulowitzki 126/650 Rockies
73 CJ Wilson 120/650 Angels
74 Josh Hamilton 218/650 Angels
76 Justin Morneau 622/650 Twins

It was not chrome, but a nice lot for 99 cents.  Including the $6.50 shipping cost, I paid $19.17 for this 49 card lot.  Not bad for less than the price of a blaster.  Some cards have already been traded, but feel free to lmk if you are interested in any of the non Cardinals.