Friday, October 22, 2021

Better Than a Blaster EBAY Win

I won my second EBAY auction of October late last week.  This is an auction I most likely would not have found if it was not for the similar auctions shown at the bottom of an autograph I was looking at.  Sometimes it pays to scroll to the bottom of a page.  This lot of 35 different Cardinals was a little less than $19.  I guess I should note that is better than the price of a cheap blaster now that Target and Walmart charge $29.99 for some of them.  

I had been searching for a Rondon auto when I found this auction.  Being new these are still going for around $10, which is a little more than I wanted to go.  

I am guessing this seller busted a lot of hobby boxes.  Every card in the lot is from 2021.  

These were not the cheaper brands like Topps flagship either.  I was able to knock my Select team set needs down to 1.

I also need 1 more 2021 Finest to finish my team set.

This Goldy is my first Absolute Memorabilia hobby card.  I have a few of the retail versions.  

I have neglected my 2021 A&G team set, but still only need 3 more.  

Not everything was base cards.  The Bowman Chrome inserts appear to be refractors, but they are not.  I love they way they scan though.  A lot better than the dark look of the Select Stars Flaherty.

15 of the 35 cards were duplicates, but I am ok with that.  I still got good value for the cards I needed, and I am sure a fellow Cardinals fans will need some of these.

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