Wednesday, July 20, 2016

2 EBAY packages

My EBAY purchases have been few and far between.  Part of the reason is because I have been to a few more shows this year, the other part is because I am a bargain hunter unless it is a Ray Lankford card I need.  I was able to find a couple of good days last week that arrived in my mail box the last couple of days.

Tommy Pham had an auto in 2015 Topps Update that still sells for close to $10, so I was glad to pick this one up for $4.85 delivered.  Although it is a sticker auto, Topps did a great job of using the pinkish/red background to hide the sticker on this 2016 Topps card.  Pham has experienced his fair share of ups and downs with a history of injuries, but he does show flashes of good play with consistent playing time.  He has been hitting leadoff for the last week since Matt Carpenter is on the DL.

 2016 Topps Archives Eduardo Perez
2016 Topps Archives Fernando Tatis

A day before I won the Pham, I won these 2 autos for a total of  $5.52 delivered.   I had only been looking for a copy of the Perez, but the same seller had the Tatis also.  I won it for $1.06 with free combined shipping.  Tatis was signing autos at the card show I attended this past Saturday.  I was surprised to see how small he was for someone who was considered a power hitter during the prime of his career.


  1. great pick ups. Really like the Tatis and for $1.06 I really like it

  2. I was shocked to get them at that price. It pays to shop in the morning.