Monday, October 24, 2016

Freebie From the Bench

Besides making trades within the blogging community, I also trade/receive cards from a couple of trading groups, The Bench and Trading Bases.  I have been a member of The Bench since 2003 and have completed close to 500 trades.  It is a safe and well ran site with lots of nice features like a trade manager.  I have never been deceived or not received a trade made through the site.  Unlike the Beckett site, it is free to join.

Every now and then one of the moderators from the group receives a box to break from one of the card companies.  He is very generous with these cards, giving them to other members who ask for them.  Topps sent a box of Heritage Minors that yielded some nice Cardinals including a blue border insert, a peach insert, and this game used card:

I would have been happy with one of the colored inserts, but was lucky enough to receive the Reyes.  It did not stay in my collection long though, as my son claimed it.  It is sitting on his dresser next to an autographed ball Reyes gave him.  Reyes should have a nice career ahead of him as long as he stays away from off field issues.  If he can cut down on his walk rate he should be a solid #1 or #2 starter. 

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