Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cards from Sportlots

Before I left for vacation, I received a small order from Sportlots.  I know a lot of people prefer Just Commons, but I like Sportlots because they are cheaper if you buy from one seller.  Can't beat commons or inserts for 18 cents each plus shipping.  I placed an order for some Pirates cards that I used for autographing, and was able to add some Cardinals set wants to reach the 15 card shipping rate.

These two chrome cards finished my 2017 Bowman set.  Bader had a nice debut last night, scoring the game winning run in the bottom of the ninth.  I would not be surprised to see Flaherty make his debut last this year.

Weaver was scheduled to start last night for Triple A Memphis, but was pulled for 2 possible reasons.  There has been talk that Lance Lynn might get traded, but he did make his start last night.  The more likely reason is he will start on Thursday night for St. Louis because Adam Wainwright was placed on the DL. 

Denton did not fair too well in his first taste of full season ball in Peoria this year.  He needed an emergency appendectomy right before the season started.  He also did not hit well, and was sent back down to short season State College.  Drafted in the 2015 second round straight out of high school, he is still very young and has been switched from third base to the outfield.  My guess is he will spend most of next season in Peoria.  This was the last card I need for my 2015 Bowman Draft set.

These two current Cardinals both had some rough months this year.  The only difference is Grichuk has turned his season around while Oh has lost his closer's job and has been mentioned in trade talks. The Oh finished my 2016 Bowman Platinum set.  The Grichuk knocked my 2017 Heritage set down to needed just the Alex Reyes SP.  

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