Tuesday, April 23, 2024

TCDB 2 for Tuesday #76

I guess my boo hoo post about the Cardinals yesterday brought some good luck last night.  Paul Goldschmidt managed to hit a home run for his first extra base hit since opening day, and Nolan Gorman only needed 1 pitch to hit a walk off home run .  Everything is right in the world for a few hours.  Time to celebrate by showing off a few cards.  The first lot came from member Burnsie42.

Maybe Goldschmidt was striking this pose after he hit the home run last night.  

Altuve has started the season well despite Houston's struggles.  This 2017 Diamond Kings Aurora does a great job of complimenting the team colors.  

The second trade came from member TeddyBallGame68.

These are the last non short print Cardinals I needed from 2024 Big League.  There are 2 lower end short prints I should be able to obtain, but 2 more rare ones that most likely will never find a home in my collection.  

You do not see too many locker room photos on cards.  Stadium Club does a nice job of capturing these types of moments.  


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