Sunday, May 17, 2015

This is what Priority Mail looks like?

I have been trading/buying baseball cards on line for about 20 years now.  I have been very lucky not to have any issues with the postal service.  I have received a couple of pwe that were delivered in a plastic bag, but both times the cards inside were not damaged.  I guess my luck ran out yesterday.

I got home from work to find this priority box waiting for me:

All sorts of red flags on this one. First the tracking number provided states it should have been delivered on 3/30, almost 2 months ago.  Second, the received unsealed message below the return address is never a good thing as is the resealed tape the post office used.  Third upon picking up the box, it did not weigh hardly anything.  This box came from John at Johnny's Trading Spot .  Anyone who has traded with John knows he can pack quite a few cards into one of these boxes.  At this point I am not expecting much to be in there.  Here is what I found:

Torn newspaper and a lone Jim Edmonds card with 4 bent corners.  I almost was expecting some type of ransom note for the rest of the cards, but no such luck.  I guess someone at the post office needed the cards more than me.  At least I hope he/she is a Cardinals fan. 


  1. Ooof. I always held out hope that the priority mail boxes would be left alone at the post office..

  2. Looks like an Elephant sat on it-what a freaking bummer

  3. wowsers. That's an awful expensive way to send 1 Jim Edmonds card (ba dum bum...) But it does stink to find that happen to mail (and my greatest fear when sending stuff like that).