Monday, May 25, 2015

Trade Package from Nacho

Over the weekend I received my end of a trade I did with Chris from Nachos Grande .  I sent him a few set fillers and Larkins in return for some Cardinals.  First up are 2 cards need for my 2013 Cardinals Allen & Ginter set:

Only needing 139 to finish this set.

 Chris included a shiny 2003 Upper Deck Power Up Shining Through Albert Pujols.  He also threw in a nice 2000 Paramount Gold Kent Bottenfield.  In some ways I miss Pacific brand cards because of all the neat inserts and parallels, but I also do not miss trying to identify them.

The package did not come without a nice surprise.  I have seen some of the custom Allen & Ginter cards on other blog posts, but they are much nicer in person.  I wish I had the talent to make something this nice.  Job well done Chris!

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