Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Big, Sticky, and Fun

Last night I had to venture to Wal-Mart to pick up a few oddball items like light bulbs and Draino.  Of course my route led me by the card aisle as I was hoping to find some 2016 Topps.  It seems some Targets and Wal-Marts  get flagship Topps before it hits the hobby stores.  I did not have any luck, but at least I had a trade package waiting for me from yesterday's mail.  This was package from a Trading Bases member that involved 2 Orioles cards from my recent EBAY spending spree. 

The big in the package were these 2 1984 Donruss Action All Stars.  Donruss put out these sets during the mid 1980s that featured cards about twice the size of a normal card.  If you look closely at the Hendrick card it may seem like the logo on his helmet was photoshopped off, but I am guessing it may have been spring training game.  If not, I suppose it was foreshadowing of things to come 30 years later.

 The sticky in the package were Topps Sticker Backs from 1988-1990.  These 4 four 1988 stickers are actually the backs of the card with the front featuring 2 stickers of other players that would fit into an album.
These are also the sticker back variations.  These 8 cards completed the 3 teams sets, but I still need a ton of the regular stickers.

This 1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack Ozzie Smith reminds me of a Fleer Provisions card.  The McGwire is from the 1999 Upper Deck Challengers for 70 set.  I would hate to count how many cards Upper Deck produced of McGwire across all their brands in 1999.  Makes me glad to collect a semi star rather than a superstar.

One last Ozzie in the package from the 1992 Upper Deck Team MVP set.  I had never heard of this 50 card set before.  These 2 are the only Cardinals featured in the set.  I was a little shocked how well the holograms scanned. 


  1. Those holograms are cool and I love the Ozzie Fun Pack.

  2. Love the large cards-1985 Topps especially but what to do with them.

  3. I do not have any of the 85 Topps, but do remember them being huge. Bruce Sutter looked like a grizzly bear