Monday, February 1, 2016

Mac 4 Pack

I received another trade envelope last weekend in exchange for some of the EBAY chrome lot.  This one came from a trader on the Trading Bases message board.  This trader claimed 2 of the Braves cards and 3 of the Triple Threads.   

 I still collect cards of McGwire despite the PED use.  It would be nice if a few others would follow his lead and admit their guilt ( Bonds).  I doubt it will help their HOF status, but at least they might save a little grace in collector's eyes.  The Opening Day and MVP cards finished team sets.

I am a fan of Topps Heritage, just not of all the SPs in the base set.  This was the only Cardinals sp in the 2015 set.  It also finished a team set.

I do not remember many inserts in Finest other than the refractors, but this 2014 Vintage insert was very well done.  It does have a refractor type finish to it.

This is my first Matt Carpeter jersey relic.  I have a bat relic and auto already, so this completes my trifecta.  I usually try to obtain a jersey, bat, and auto card of each player.  I am content after that, but will always accept any in trade that I do not have.
This is my second Flaherty auto.  The die cut and low numbered auto helps some, but that is a rather bland photo.  Elite does have autos of players who otherwise may not have one, but they remind me too much of Signature Rookies.  Another brand that I do not actively seek out, but will accept in a trade.

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