Thursday, June 16, 2016

Card Show Report

I had a rare weekend off from baseball/softball games on June 4 and 5, so the family took a quick trip to St. Louis for a little bit of shopping and a card show.  Actually my wife and kids shopped, I spent 2 hours at a card show.  I was a little disappointed my 7 year old son did not want to go to the show and help dig through dime boxes, but the wife bribed him with a trip to Barnes & Noble and ice cream so I went alone.

I had this card show on my calendar for a few months because 2 former Cardinals were signing autos.  I will leave those details for another post.  I was able to get through both auto lines in 15 minutes, so I plenty of time to go through the tables.   It was a little of a downer finding out the dealer I bought all of these cards from was not at the show, but there were a few others with discount boxes to go through.  I ended up spending $7 for 70 cards from 1 dealer.  Unlike my last few dime box purchases, all of the cards were Cardinals.

I am a sucker for the Sportflics line.  I was unsure if I had this card, but did need it after checking my wantlist.

The dealer has a lot of newer base cards for a quarter or 50 cents each, so I was surprised to find these 3 2016 cards in the dime box.  Action photos do not get much better than the Wong slide.

There were not too many Cardinal inserts in the box, but I did find this Shelby Miller.  The Narveson is a photo variation from 2007 Finest that is numbered to 439.

Last but not least were a bunch of 2008 and 2009 DAV cards.  I believe these sets were stadium give aways that several other teams do also.  Both years were missing 3 cards to complete the sets: Pujols, Molina, and Wainwright.  I guess that gives me something to look for at the next show.

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