Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hitting the 2016 List Hard

Continuing with one of my monthly themes of knocking out some 2016 team set wants, I made a trade with Trading Bases member Mike N for a stack of Cardinals.  I sent him 3 Mets relic cards that I spent a total of $6 on at the card show in earlier December.

Only 1 more 2016 Heritage Minors left on my list, but it is the Alex Reyes SP.  At least it is not too expensive.

I also need one SP to finish Gypsy Queen, #331 Orlando Cepeda.  These do not seem to be too difficult to find. 

2016 Archives seems to be the set I can never finish.  I get 3 or 4 in, but still am not close.  Need 3 more to complete it after this trade.

These 5 Heritage High Numbers put a good dent in my needs.  I am down to need 2 cards, but there are the SP rookies of Aledmys Diaz and  Seung hwan Oh.

Panini did a fine job with 2016 Diamond Kings.  It is my second favorite set behind Stadium Club.  I do need one more to finish this set, but #20 Stan Musial is not an SP.

Topps should be ashamed about the confusion with 2016 Bowman.  From what I understand there are different cards in the vending boxes that in standard packs.  These 2 are from a standard pack or what I think is a hobby pack.

These 4 are from the vending boxes.  To add to the confusion, some players like Piscotty have cards in both.  I think I need 1 card from the hobby packs and 3 from the vending boxes, but who knows.

I did get some cards from 2015 like these 4 Bowman Draft cards that brought my needs down to one card. 

I have never seen these cards before.  They are 2015 Platinum 1st Edition cards that appear to be some type of game card like the old Donruss Top of the Order cards. 

Last but not least is a sweet David Freese relic card.  Even though he plays for the division rival Pirates, he still get a huge welcome in St. Louis.  Winning a World Series MVP will do that for you.

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