Monday, May 8, 2017

All Caught Up

Thanks to the over 10 inches of rain I have received in the past week and a half, my outside activities have been limited.  I could not think of another better way to spend my evenings then to organize all my recent trades.  I only had two trade packages left to scan, but there must have been a pile of 200 cards to file away. 

These 3 2017 Opening Day cards came from a PWE trade with a TCDB member.  I hate to jinx it, but the Cardinals are playing a little better and are only 1/2 game behind the Reds.  It helps to play the Brewers and Braves.

This card also came in a PWE.  It was not so much a trade.  The Trading Bases member who I sent all the Indianapolis Indians autos to sent this 2017 Topps Luke Weaver auto #ed to 199 without warning.  Very sharp card with the only downfall being the sticker.  I know some players did autograph the card itself.  Weaver has made 2 nice starts in Triple A since coming off the DL.  I would guess he will be the first starter called upon when a current Cardinals starter gets hurt or sent to the bullpen.

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