Friday, May 5, 2017

TCDB Trade with Birds from the Past and Present

My latest trade package from a TCDB member had Cardinals a few different eras.  There were some current Cardinals:

I guess you can call Reyes a current player even though he will spend the year on the DL.  Grichuk maybe taking over centerfield after Dexter Fowler injured his shoulder last night.

 Long gone are the days when I felt pretty good about the Cardinals' chances of winning a game that Wainwright started.  Last night he was spotted a 3-0 lead and only made it through 5 innings.  He is looking more like a .500 pitcher who only goes 5-6 innings each start. 

I wish Adams could play somewhere else other than first base.  His outfield days did not look that graceful.  It was not Chris Duncan bad, but if the team is serious about playing better defense Adams should only play first and pinch hit. 

Gotta love the Mascot cards.  Fredbird even has an autographed card from this set that sells for more than cards of most of the Cardinals current roster.

The Cardinals from past teams bring out mixed emotions.

There is no question that Musial is the greatest Cardinal of all time.  Pujols may have came close if he played his entire career here, but he left for the higher money in Anaheim.  It is nice to see him getting closer to some milestones like 600 home runs. 

Red still makes appearances around St. Louis even though he is 94 years old.  He is one of the few people to win a World Series as a player and manager with the same team.  I do not have anything positive to say about Heyward other than I am glad the Cardinals are not paying him anymore.

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