Thursday, August 10, 2017

Two Firsts in One Surprise Package

I had an unexpected package arrive on Tuesday from Trading Bases member Kelly G.  She sent a nice 5 pack of Cardinals, two of which were a first of their kind in my collection.

I love the baby blue Cardinals throwback uniforms from the 1980s.  The Diaz was new to me, the Big Mac was not.

Shiny die cut cards are a double win.  I have never completed a triumvirate Cardinals set, but may have to on this one.  Wacha and Rosenthal are the other two cards.

This is my first Carlos Martinez relic card.  Nothing flashy about it, but it is a super thick card.  Topps is sure to flood the market in the next few years so that I can put together an entire jersey.

This is my first Grichuk autograph.  I was actually watching a couple of his 2017 Tier One autos before this card arrived.  This one is a sticker instead of being on card like the Tier One, but the price was better on this one.   

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  1. I didn't realize Grichuk had a Topps' auto-now I have to get one. The throwback powder blues are crazy. I used to hate them, but now love them. Age has a funny way of making like those things from your youth that you couldn't stand