Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Ashamed of Myself

Since day one of this blog, I have made it very clear that I am a huge Ray Lankford fan. He has always been and always will be my favorite player. Search my blog, and you will find quite a few posts showcasing his cards and other items.  I have enough things in my collection to do a weekly Lankford post, but have not gotten around to doing so.  Maybe that will become a thing later this year.

Another major fail is not remembering Lankford's birthday is today.  I did not realize it until searching Twitter ( still cannot call it X) earlier this morning.  A good fan like myself should have shown off something nice, but instead,  I have a trade recap from TCDB member sportzking.

This trade was heavy on colored parallels from 2020 Topps. Yellow came from Walgreen's packs.

Purple cards came from Meijer packs.  

The Cardinals cannot get Arenado and Goldschmidt to hit well at the same time.  Goldschmidt broke out of his slump a few weeks ago, but Arenado has been hitting under .200 since then.  

Carp has not done as bad as I thought he would, but I would still rather see someone like Jordan Walker taking that roster spot.

Jose Jimenez threw one of the nine no-hitters in Cardinals history in 1999. I am happy to add this Fleery Mystique short print to my collection.    

Happy Birthday Ray Lankford!  Promise I will not forget next year.  




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  1. Happy belated birthday Mr. Lankford.

    My favorite player is Gwynn and I totally forgot his birthday (5/9). There are times when I feel bad about forgetting a birthday. But life can sometimes get busy... and when that happens... I tend to be less hard on myself.