Sunday, March 29, 2015

Countdown to Opening Day # 7

Making this post a little early today because I am on my way to a card show.  Not counting the Cardinals Winter Warm Up, this will be the first card show I have attended in quite some time.  While I am going to get a couple of autographs, I hope the show will not be a flop.  It is a few minutes from St. Louis with close to 100 tables.  On to #7

2010 Topps Tribute dual bat/autograph Matt Holliday 15/99

Matt Holliday wore #15 when he first came to the Cardinals in 2009 in a trade from the Oakland A's.  He switched to #7 in 2010 and has worn it ever since.  Holliday has been a model of consistency since he came to the Cardinals.  He is almost a sure bet to hit close to .300 with 20+ home runs and close to 100 rbis.  He has fallen a bit with age, but is still a core player with hopefully a few good years left.  He may not be a great defender, but he plays smart and hits the ball about as hard as anyone not named Stanton.  I have always liked him, but he does get quite a bit of criticism around St. Louis.  I guess it goes with being paid over $15 million per season. 

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