Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bumping my trade list up a Tier

About a month ago I got an $25 EBAY gift certficate for selling something over $20.  I sold a Matt Carpenter stadium giveaway jersey that I had two of for $25.  Having $50 to spend, I searched for a lot of game used or autographed cards from various 2015 products.  I settled for a lot of 15 Topps Tier One cards.  Two of the cards fit nicely into my Cardinals collection.

Eckstein was the MVP of the 2006 World Series for the Cardinals, although I would have given it to Scott Rolen.

I have been watching this card on EBAY for awhile and was shocked it sold for over $20 almost every time.  It is a great looking card.

I have traded away a few cards already, but still have the following left:

New Guard CJ Cron 332/399 Angels
New Guard Kole Calhoun 244/349 Angels
 Vlad Guerrero dual jersey 7/50 Angels

Jacoby Ellsbury jersey288/399 Yankees
Chase Headley 169/299 Yankees
New Guard Dellin Betances 81/349 Yankees

Greg Vaughn 200/399 Brewers
 Matt Kemp jersey 125/399 Dodgers

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