Monday, June 8, 2015

Jhonny Hit the Spot

I received a nice package last week from John at Johnny's Trading Spot.  John sent a flat rate box a while back that did not quite make it to me with all the cards he sent.  In fact, there was only one card left after someone abused the box.  John went the bubble mailer route this time and all cards arrived ok. John sent a great mix of 2 of my favorite O's: old and oddball.

McDaniel and Kasko are my first Cardinals from the 1950s, Kasko from1957 and McDaniel from 1958.  The Spencer and Duliba are 1960 Topps.  All four of these cards are in great shape.  The 1966 Topps Curt Flood shows some wear, but is still a great card.

Who does not love stickers?  I remember as a kid I would stick these on my 800 count boxes or the front of an old binder. 

These discs are from the 1988 Cadaco game.  I still have this game in its origianl box along with all the disc.  I spent many hours playing this game with my brothers.  Coleman was my favorite player at the time and it made me mad I could never hit a home run with him.  Pretty tough to get the spinner to land on the #1 slot on his disc.

Did you know Rite Aid made cards?  I guess they did in 1988.  Drake issued a few sets in the mid 1980s.  The George Hendrick is from 1984.  The Lee Smith Us Playing Cards is from 1991.  There were a few other Cardinals in this set, all from a different suit.

In the late 1980s,  discount and drug stores like Super X and Ben Franklin carried a lot of small box sets Fleer put out.  These are not very valuable, but some can be harder to find than others.

John also included some more modern inserts.  The picture of David Freese crossing the plate after hitting the game winning home run in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series never gets old.

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  1. I am glad those Cards' cards have a happy new home. I really do wish you could have gotten that first package though.