Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Delivery from the Card Shop

My blogging and collecting/trading activity has been low for over a month now.  Long work hours and running children to after school sports/dance/choir etc has cut out my free time.  I was able to make a trade with Daniel from It's like having my own Card Shop last week.  I sent a handful of Diamondbacks his way in return for a nice lot of Cardinals. 

A nice 3 pack of Fleer inserts from 199, 2000, and 2002.  The Simontacchi is Glossy numbered to 200.
Some people may not like receiving cards of minor league players, but I use them for autos at games.  I have one copy of the Flaherty/Weaver card that is signed by Flaherty.  This one will go in my non auto collection.  Edmundo Sosa has a good chance of moving up to Peoria next year, so this card may be signed next time you see it on the blog.

Here are a couple of mini inserts from 2015 GQ.  Adams just recently return from a torn quad, but has yet to see much action.  Hope he can return to form for the playoffs.  The Cardinals need all the help they can get scoring runs.

Last but not least is a Tommy Herr bat card from 2006 Fleer Greats.  This set had some great inserts like the Nickname auto cards.  I love the use of The Arch in the background of the bat piece. 

Great batch of cards from Daniel, who threw in more cards than he had too.  Thanks!

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