Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2014 or 2015 Bowman Chrome auto?

Last week I received this card in the mail that I won on EBAY for $3.74 delivered.

Ronnie Williams was a second round draft pick by the Cardinals in 2014.  He is very raw, but has a power arm like a lot of other Cardinals and will not turn 20 until January 2016.  If he does pan out, it will most likely be 3-4 years before he makes his MLB debut. 

If you bought any Bowman Chrome cards the last few years, you know this is a 2014 Bowman Chrome Draft card.  The auction I won listed it as a 2015 card.  Other EBAY auctions listed it both ways, so I decided to do a little digging.  According to the Topps website, this card was to be included in 2014 Bowman Draft, but Williams did return the signed cards in time to make the release date.  Hard to believe it took much time to sign that auto, a simple R and W.  Rather than destroy the cards,  Topps included them in 2015 Bowman Chrome because "the cards deserved to be in the hands of collectors."  Topps also had the same situation with Mets prospect Michael Conforto.  At least Topps did not destory the cards, but I would not be surprised to see Williams and Conforto cards be used as replacements for redemptions in the future. 

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