Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Trading Pirates for Cardinals

In my last post, I gave an overview of some things I bought from a card show.  I hit up a quarter box and found quite a few cards that I used for trade bait.  I traded a 6 card Pirates lot to a good trader on the Trading Bases message board for some 2015 Cardinals base cards.  The trader threw in some nice inserts as well. I would guess this Cardinals lot would have cost me $15 at the show. 

I think every trader loves the photography from 2015 Stadium Club.  Most of the photos I have seen have not been used on other cards yet.  There is also a nice selection of players ranging from current starters to HOF players.  I love the fact players like Terry Pendleton were including in this release.  While he only played in St. Louis for 6 years, he was a member of two World Series teams.

These are my first 2015 Allen & Ginter cards.  I cannot ever recall buying any packs of A&G.  I just am not into the oddball/celebrity cards.  I do like the colorful border and background on this year's design.
Hits to my team sets from Bowman, Diamond Kings, and Prizm.  I really hated the Brandon Moss for Rob Kaminsky trade.  Though he is not big in stature, Kaminsky is a lefthander with good control and a low 90s fastball.  Cleveland will have a solid #3 or 4 starter in a couple of years if he stays healthy.  I would be surprised if Moss is with the Cardinals next year.

I really wish Topps Chrome would have noted which cards are refractors.  I am guessing the Wong and Wainwright are, but I would not swear to it.

I do know this Wong is a Prism refractor.  I love the looks of these in person.  I am not a fan of Topps Chipz, but will take them anyway. These things are storage nightmares.

This was a great package to open last night to raise my spirits after watch the Cardinals lose.  Guess you cannot win every year, but this one stings a little more since it is the Cubs who eliminated them.  Every dog, er cub has its day eventually.

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