Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Count Me in Too ... Weekend Card Show Report

Seems like a lot of bloggers had the chance to attend a card show this past weekend.  I drove a little over 2 hours to attend a show in St. Louis.  I normally would not drive that far for a show, but there were 2 autograph guests that were priced right so I took the plunge. 

I have been working on getting a 1985 Cardinals team ball signed for about 6 years now.  When I started this project only Darrell Porter had passed away, but sadly Bob Forsch and just last month Joaquin Andujar have died.  Even though it will never be complete, it is a fun project to do.  I paid $12 to add Tito Landrum to the ball.  Tito was a reserve outfielder for most of the season, but played a lot in the playoffs due to Vince Coleman getting run over by the Busch Stadium tarp.  It is always nice to see someone take the time and write their entire name.  Tito was very nice and talked to everyone in line.  I was talking to the guy behind me who had 20 different cards to sign.  Tito overhead and said he only signed in groups of 25.  

I do not collect hockey cards, but do have a few signed items.  I paid $35 for this Keith Tkachuk 8x10. Tkachuk is one of my all time favorite Blues because his tough nose style of play.  I was rather shocked to see no one in his line when I arrived about 40 minutes after he started to sign.  Tkachuk spent a good 5 minutes talking to my family.  He was rather shocked my 7 year old did not play hockey.  He was even more shocked that I drove over 2 hours for his autograph. 

Not the greatest pic, but you can only do so much with your phone.  Not sure if you can tell or not, but Tkachuk  has been earning his " Big Walt" nickname since his playing days are over.  I would guess he has put on a good 60-70 pounds.

After getting the autos, I spent about 1.5 hours going through the card show.  I would say there was a good 50 tables there.  There was a good mix of vintage, various Cardinals memorabilia, boxes, and current singles available.  I did not buy any cards for myself.  I did not find any Lankfords I needed, and most of the Cardinals were overpriced anyway.  I do understand charging more for cards of your local team, but some of the prices were double or even triple EBAY prices.  $15 for a simple white swatch 2015 Matt Holliday jersey cards is too much in my book.  I did spend a total of $17 on trade bait.  No pictures as I like to keep things a surprise, but here is a run down of what I got:

2015 Topps Medallion $2
2015 Topps Museum Collection jumbo jersey 11/35 $5
2013 Topps Museum Collection jumbo jersey 2/35 $5

$5 lot
6 2015 Topps Allen & Ginter 10th Anniversary cards
1 2015 Topps Original buyback card
1 2015 Topps Baseball Royalty insert
3 2015 Topps Chrome Prism Refractors
1 2015 Topps Chrome Commencement insert
1 2015 Finest Prism Refractor
2 2015 Bowman Chrome Refractors #ed to 499
2 2015 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractors #ed to  150
2 2015 Bowman Chrome Prospect Profile Mini inserts
1  2015 Panini Prizm Parallel #ed to 149
3 2015 Donruss Elite inserts #ed to 199
1 2015 Donruss Elite Die Cut insert #ed to 87
1 2015 Donruss Elite Die Cut insert #ed to 51

I will be mailing out 3 packages later this week.  If you are a Pirates, Dodgers, or Braves fan be sure to watch your mailbox.  My biggest pet peave with card shows are dealers who do not separate their bargain boxes by sport.  The dealer who I purchased the $5 lot from was about the only one who did so.  There were a few other boxes I glanced at, but did not want to spend the time going through football and basketball cards.


  1. That distinctive Tito Landrum autograph grabbed my attention; I was at that show too. Like you, I just had a single ball signed, but the guy behind me had 13 autograph tickets and had driven in from Arkansas. I had no idea Tito would draw so many people, and multiple items per person at that.

  2. Maybe it is because of the nice signature. Do you go to shows at this location often? I thought there was a nice variety of stuff and may make the trip more often if all the shows are like this

    1. They're mostly like that. They had a shorter-notice Saturday show a few weeks ago that was only half the room, but most are similar to that one. However, I've seen a lot of the same sellers with some (not all) of the same stuff on the tables month after month, so you might not appreciate the variety quite as much after a few times. Still, it's a good time on a Sunday morning.

  3. I got the Braves, yea me. Thanks Ray, got em yesterday, will post soon.