Friday, January 27, 2017

How Do You Like Your Chrome?

I think most collectors will agree that cards look better with a chrome finish.  There is something about that shiny reflection staring back at you that gives a perception that this card is a little more special than your base Topps card.  Chrome comes in all sorts of brands, sizes and colors.  Topps, Bowman, Heritage have chrome versions from almost any color of the rainbow.  But are all forms of Chrome created equal?  Let's rank the 5 cards I received in a trade package this week to find out.

#5 2013 Bowan Chrome Mini Refractor Trevor Rosenthal

Even though this card is not as small as a Gypsy Queen or A&G mini, it is still a mini.  Plus it is just a regular refractor, thus the last place position.

#4 2013 Bowman Top 100 Prospects Refractor Kolten Wong

The only reason this edges out the Rosenthal card is because it is standard size.  

#3 2015 Topps Chrome Sepia Refractor Michael Wacha
The first non Bowman card of the package checks in at number 3.  I am not sure what year the Sepia refractor was introduced, but it was a change from all the colored variations.  I like color better.

#2 2012 Bowman Chrome Xfractor Adam Wainwright
So along with baseballs, my scanner does not like Xfractors.  If you look closely at the right border you can make out the checkerboard pattern.  This card does look much better in person.
#1 2014 Topps Chrome Purple Refractor Kevin Seigrist

I do love the colored refractors the most.  Red, blue, green, gold, or purple it really does not matter.  The only thing better is adding the ice background.  I was not fortunate to get one of those in this trade package, but overall it was still a nice trade. 


  1. I totally agree, purple rocks, though the green and blue chrome waves are sweet too

    1. The wave refractors are very nice. I have a red one that I need to show off some time.

  2. Certain colors just mesh well. I love the black chrome refractors for Pirates.

    1. I agree, much like the red refractors for the Cardinals.