Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New Week, More Trades Coming in

I am starting to think my mailman likes to hold my bubble mailers until Monday.  For the second week in a row, I received 3 trade packages.  Once again they were all from Trading Card Database members.  The largest of the 3 features a lot of oddball sets from the mid to late 1980s.

These are 1985 Topps Rub Downs.  According to the instructions that came in the original pack (which also included a very hard piece of gum) you place a piece of paper under the player, then scribble over the top with a pencil. The image will then be rubbed on the paper.  High tech stuff in 1985.

Ozzie received a lot of cardboard love in the 1980s.  Being a member of 3 World Series teams, a Gold Glove winner every year in the 80s, and an All Star every year in the 1980s helps.  The Topps Coin is from 1989. 

1986 Sportflics put out a lot of multi player cards.  You can somewhat make out Darrell Porters's pants and Pedro Guerrero's swing on the card on the left that highlights past World Series MVPs.  The card on the right shows pitchers who won 20 games in 1985.  John Tudor is on the top, while Joaquin Andujar is not pictured. 

I like the fact Fleer used different photos for the mini set in 1988 than what was used for the base set.  I think they could have found a more popular Cardinal player to feature than  Bob Horner, but o well.  It was nice to get the entire team set in one trade.

I get mad at myself when I discover I have not updated my wantlist.  I already had a copy of the 1998 Sportflics Coleman.  Maybe Kerry or Brady will need a copy.  The Ozzie card knocked my needs down to just 2 more.

1991 Panini Stickers are smaller than the later versions I showed in yesterday's post.  They are very similar in size to the Red Foley stickers. 

I have a hard time telling the difference between the 1991 Topps Archives and 1994 Topps Archives sets.  These 3 are from 1994.  Gotta love Peanuts, Rip and Mr. Moon. 

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