Friday, March 31, 2017


One of the great things about the trade packages I have received from Trading Card Database (TCDB) members is the variety of Cardinals cards that I have received.  From minor league sets, to oddballs, to some sets I have never heard of I have received just about every type of card you can imagine.  The latest package I received Wednesday contained quite the variety.

One great feature about trading on TCDB is you see the cards you are trading for.  I have never seen these 1987 TCMA 1934 Cardinals cards before.  I like the use of sepia photos on cards of retired/old timers.  The 1934 Cardinals were know as the Gas House Gang.  This 9 card set highlights key members of that team.  I have read that Paul Dean hated to be called Daffy, but did not say anything in order not to make his older brother Dizzy mad.  Dizzy and Daffy rolls off the tongue better than Dizzy and Paul.
The Cardinals traded Rogers Hornsby for Frankie Frisch in 1926 after Hornsby wanted more money.  Frisch would serve as the manager and second baseman for the 1934 team that won the World Series.  I think everyone on that team had a nickname.  Durocher was the Lip, Frisch the Fordham Flash, and Ripper Collins real first name was James.

Medwick is the last National League player to win the Triple Crown, doing it in 1937.  Most of his other baseball cards use his first name Joe instead of Ducky.  Keeping with the nickname theme,  Spud Davis was actually Virgil Davis and Tex Carleton was James Carleton. 

This 1983 TCMA card is part of a 68 card set featuring member of the 1942-1946 Cardinals teams that 3 World Series.  Considering I only have 2 of these cards, it is going to take a while to finish the set. 

I received all but one of the 1987 Hygrade Cardinals in a trade a couple of weeks ago.  This Musial was the last one I needed to finish the team set. 

The only card I had from the 88 Best Springfield set is Ray Lankford.  As I have said in a previous post, I find it strange that collectors only have one card from a team set that did not come in packs.  The Tewksbury is a 1989 CMC card.  It is strange to see him on a minor league card when he played 3 years in the Majors before 1989 and had regular Topps, Fleer, and Donruss cards issued. 


  1. TCMA are always good pick ups-always seem had to get for reasonable. Young Tewks!