Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Collecting Clutch Contest Winnings

Brian from Collecting Clutch ran a contest last month where collectors showcased the top 10 cards from their player collections.  It was great seeing all the different cards.  It was interesting to hear the stories behind the cards also.  Of course there were a lot of autos and game used cards, but there were also a fair share of base cards that looked great or held a special meaning to the collector.  My Lankford top 10 paled in comparison to some other collections, but Brian was gracious enough to send prizes to anyone that entered.

This is my first 2017 Topps BUNT card.  It is very tempting to buy a hobby box for less than $40, but I will most likely just trade for the Cardinals base cards.

Bubbles and chrome look pretty good together.  This is my second 2016 Topps Update Chrome card.  Only 2 more to go for the team set.

This is one of the card that Brian showcased as a prize.  Even though Big City is not a Cardinal anymore, I am glad to have it.  As long as he does not become a Cub, I will always be a fan. 

The gem of the package was this Ray Lankford slide.  I have a couple of slides from the Topps Vault, but no oddballs such as this one.  It will be interesting to see if this image was used on any cards or was used in any magazine photos I have. 

Thanks Brian for the great contest!  If I ever get a cool McCuthen, I will know where to send it.


  1. The Lankford was used for a card that should have been included in the package. I'm glad you liked the cards (no pun intended).

    1. I did not even noticed that until you mentioned it. I was guessing it might have came from the Fleer bankruptcy sale.