Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Trading Bases Trade

Since joining Trading Card Database in January, my trading on other sites has dropped dramatically.  My trading in general has slowed since the start of Little League season, but I can always count on 2 members of the Trading Bases message group to send unannounced cards.  Ron B the Pirates collector and Kevin M the Mets collectors have sent me numerous packages over the years without getting anything in exchange.  Both caught me off guard last week.  I will highlight Ron's package today.

Molina is one of the few Cardinals who is having a decent year.  His average is lacking at .255, but his other numbers are solid.  He even leads the team with 5 stolen bases. 

Dejong was called up on May 28 when Kolten Wong went on the DL.  He homered in his first AB that day and has started almost everyday since.  It will be interesting to see if the Cardinals send him down when Wong comes back, or if they decide to cut Jhonny Peralta loose. 

Alcantara has struggled his first year in Double A.  He is only 21 years old, so hopefully he will find some better command to go along with his 100 MPH fastball. 

Carpenter has been in a bad slump most of the year.  There is talk among Cardinals fans that he cannot hit well if he does not hit leadoff.  I would think he would be happy to hit third, but who knows.  Piscotty did not start well, but has turned it around somewhat since returning from a few days off.  His mother was just diagnosed with ALS a few weeks agos, so he left the team for a few games to be with his family.  Hope all goes well as can be expected. 

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