Saturday, April 25, 2015

Rain Will Always Bring You Back

This past week was a very hectic one.  I work for a concrete ready mix company.  With the weather finally getting warmer and things starting to dry out, business has picked up.  My 2 children both had several baseball and softball practices this week to get prepared for their opening day today.  Mother Nature had other plans.  Today was a complete wash out at the park, so I find myself with plenty of spare time to showcase a trade package that arrived earlier this week.  I am a member of  the online trading group Trading Bases.  It is very laid back group of traders who many times will send something to you without any warning.  The package this week was one of those.

Conlon Collection put out several sets in the early 1990s.  While the cards are fairly inexpensive, I have not run across too many traders who have them.  I have most of the 1991 set, but needed both of these for the 1992 and 1993 sets.  I love getting cards of obscure older players.  I had never heard of either one of these guys.

I have mixed feeling about the 1994 Fleer Extra Bases set.  I love the photography with no borders, but am not a big fan of the oversized cards.  Not the easiest cards to store away, but they are Cardinals so I will collect them anyway.

I would say Adam Wainwright is a star attraction.  He has been a vital part of the Cardinals for nearly a decade.  Many Cardinals fans will remember Mark Whiten for 3 things:  a strong throwing arm, lots of strikeouts, and hitting 4 home runs in one game.

I love 1980s oddball cards.  The Leaf set looks great.  I am down to need the Ozzie Smith and a Jouquin Andujar Diamond King to finish this set.

Last but not least are 3 Bowman Draft cards from various years that I already have.  I hope to get these signed at minor league games later this year.

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