Thursday, April 9, 2015

Raja Lot

I like to surf EBAY every now and then looking for a cheap Cardinals lot.  It can be made up of base cards, inserts, or player lots.  I stumbled upon a Rogers Hornsby lot last week that consisted of 11 cards.  I won the lot for $3.75 delivered.  The lot included the following:

The 1974 Topps on the left brings my team set down to 1.  The 1979 card on the right will be an upgrade to the card I have.  I also needed the 1989 Swell card in the middle.

The 2005 Artifacts card is an short print numbered to 1999.  I am not a big fan of oddball sized cards, but I do need the 2009 206 mini.  I also needed the 2008 Triple Threads cards numbered 8/30. I also received the following cards which are available for trade.

1993 Ted Williams 124
2002 Fleer Fall Classics 38
2002 Fleer Greats 23
2005 SP Legendary Cuts 71
2006 Fleer Greats of Game Cardinals Greats

Overall I thought the lot had great value for what I paid.  I was surprised the cards arrived ok.  The Triple Threads was in a penny sleeve and top loader, the other 10 cards were sandwiched between two lop loaders with no penny sleeves.  All of them were stuffed in a team bag, no tape around the top loaders.  I did give the seller a positive, but docked him for shipping. 


  1. Nice lot-I am with you on the odd sized cards-not a great way to store them. LOVE the 2008 Triple Crown-great buy for # out of 30.