Friday, August 5, 2016

More Autos in Peoria

When I go to watch minor league baseball, I try to go to 2 games in a series to make it worth my trip.  Last weekend was no different as I went to Chiefs games on Saturday and Sunday.  We were not able to watch BP on Sunday, but still had a good time.  How could you not at a minor league game?

The team store was running a storewide 20%  off sale all weekend.  My son wanted to get a team set, so on Saturday night we bought the 2015 & 2016 team sets.  After playing catch on the field for a few minutes, we hopped into the autograph line.  Every Sunday the team signs autos for kids for 15 minutes before the game.  My son thought it would be neat to try get his 2016 set signed.

Tyler Bray came out early and played catch with us for a few minutes.  Nice guy, but I doubt if he will get much past Double A.  He does have a sidearm delivery that hides the ball well, so maybe he will surprise some people.  The card on the left is from the 2016 set, the one on the right is from the 2015 set.
Sierra also signed his 2015 and 2016 cards.  He and Bray were the only 2 players on the current team with cards from both years.  Once again he was as nice as can be.

Jake Woodford has been one of the better starting pitchers for the Chiefs all year.  I think he is getting tired of signing autos, because he does not sign as much of his first name as he did back in early July
The rest of what we got signed is below. 

16 cards out of the team set is not bad.  Not counting the coaches, that leave 7 players left to get.  Only 2 of those players are left with the team right now.  The starting pitcher & catcher do not sign on Sundays.  Of course my son thinks we should make the 3 hour trip back to Peoria some time this year for those 2 autos. 

The Chiefs also give away a 11x16 player poster on Sundays to the first 1000 fans.  We got 2 of them autographed by Chris Chinea.
He is a catcher/first baseman who has hit over .300 most of the year while being one of the better run producers on the team.  

The Chiefs also won Sunday's game, 5 to 2.  Dozer Park is a big park, so it was a shock to see 3 home runs.  Our seats were 3 rows from the field by the Chiefs dugout, so of course my son got a ball thrown to him after the 3rd inning.
This will go well with the other 18 balls we got from BP the night before. 

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