Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Too Many Hits for 1 Post

One of my favorite and most frequent trading partners is Ron B from the Trading Bases group.  He collects Pirates for himself and Yankees for his son.  He is able to find Cardinals on the cheap since he lives on the East Coast, while cards from his 2 teams are often found in the discount boxes at shows I attend.  I also provide him with a few IP autos from the Pirates Triple A team in Indianapolis.  I received a huge package from him this week in return for the Pirates autos from this post.  He sent 60 cards from my wantlists.  I will highlight the base cards in this post.

This 2013 Topps Heritage Minors Piscotty is the only base card I needed that was not from a 2016 set.  He seems to have hit a wall the last few weeks, but is still having a nice season at a much cheaper salary than the Cubs starting rightfielder.

Being a fan of the minor leagues, I love all Bowman brands.  Weaver will be the first of this group to appear for the Cardinals when he starts in Wrigley on Saturday.  Not bad for a guy drafted in 2014.

Hard to believe, but these are my first Cardinals from Topps Series 2.  I think there are 5 more to track down.

This is my first 2016 Finest card.  Not a big fan of the horizontal lines, but overall it is not a bad looking card.  Holliday is definitely on the down turn of his career.  It will be interesting to see how the Cardinals approach his $17 million option for next year.

These are also my first Stadium Club cards from 2016.  Topps did another solid job with Stadium Club this year.   I have seen a few other cards with the Arch in the background, but that scene never gets old.

Keeping with the theme, these are my first 2016 Chrome cards.  I agree with other bloggers about the clouds not being as annoying on the chrome cards.  One positive is Topps marked the refractors on the back. 

I do have a couple of Museum cards this year.  Rosy has had a rough 2016 in between losing the closer's roll and now being injured.  I wonder how his agent Boras will lobby for a big payday now.

Ron knocked out the entire base set of 2016 Ginter for me.

He even included the 2 SPs from the set.

These cards alone would have made a nice package, but he also included about 30 inserts.  Hope to highlight those in the next day or two.

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