Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Lot of Cards from Cards on Cards

I have traded with Kerry from Cards on Cards a handful of times since I started blogging a couple of years ago.  I believe our first trade was a mutually agreed upon swap of extra Cardinals, but ever since it has been a random package showing up on his or my mailbox.  Last fall I sent him a couple of small packages made up of duplicate Cardinals from the last decade.  He hit me back in a big way a few weeks ago.  As with other large trade packages, I will break the recap up into a few posts.  Today I will highlight the cards from the 1970s and 80s.

I already had a few 1976 SSPC cards, but these were all new to me.  Mike Tyson was living large in the 70s with the mullet and fu man chu mustache.

These are my first 1976 Isaly's discs.  Maybe a distant relative of Panini with the lack of logos, but at least you get the full team name. 

Stickers make me feel like a kid again.  I remember taking Fleer logo stickers from the mid 1980s and sticking them on 800 count boxes.  I never had any cool player stickers like these 1983 Fleer Star Stickers. 

Kerry either made frequent trips to Canada from his Oregon home in 1980s to buy baseball cards, or he has a great Canadian trading partner.  He sent a huge a mount of O-PEE-CHEE cards from various years.  Tom Nieto was one of my favorite players as a kid because he shares my birthday.  I graduated from the phase into collecting Cardinals with the same name.

1986 Topps/O-PEE-CHEE cards remind me of wanted posters. 

1987 wood grain looks just as good on O-PEE-CHEE as it does on regular Topps.  I forgot LaPoint had a second stint with the Cardinals until I saw this card.  It was a rather short one though with only 6 appearances.

I am not for sure why some of these 1988 O-PEE-CHEE cards have white text and others are black.  Anyone have any ideas?

I love the Fleer sets that you could buy at the local drugstore that contained 40-50 cards.  Hard to believe Fleer chose Danny Cox as the lone Cardinal in the 1987 Exciting Stars set.  Forget about Coleman, Smith, and McGee.  The Morris and Magrane cards finished my 1987 Fleer Update team set.  Morris is better know for his Willie McGee impersonation than his playing ability.

I guess Ames and Revco were not good enough for Fleer, so Topps picked up their box sets.  That was rather Swell of them.  

Score, Sportflics, and Classics were all staples of the late 1980s.  These are from 1989.  I had to google Hills to find out it was a department store chain.  Can't have the drug stores cornering the market on small box sets.

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  1. My guess with the '88 O-Pee-Chee is that they went with whichever color that stood out the best over the background they were working with.

    I've actually never been to Canada, but I have just accumulated so many Cardinals doubles over the years that it's ridiculous.