Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Inserts from Kerry at Cards on Cards

Finishing up the lot of Cardinals that Kerry from Cards on Cards sent me last month, here are some of the inserts that I needed.

These 1996 Summit Foil cards would look better without the black pin stripes, but they are still sharp.  Much better than the plain white base cards.

I have never seen this 2001 Topps Traded insert before.  I guess now I have a Cub card in my personal collection. 

I am a fan of the Topps Rookie Cup tropy cards.  I like the fact that 2005 Rookie Cup reprints used some of the vintage cards that do not show the modern cup that I am familiar with.  I remember Corrales more as a manager than a player. 

Topps Chrome refractors always look nice regardless of the year.  These 2 2008 cards showcase a couple of short term Cardinals.  Washington only played a few games for the Cards in 2008, while Glaus was the regular 3rd baseman in 2008.  He started that way in 2009 before he got hurt and only played 14 games that season. 

Brian Barton was a rule 5 pickup from the Indians that played all of 2008 for the Cardinals before playing one year with the Braves.  The Cardinals also had a utility infielder that season named Brian Barden.  I remember listening to a couple of games where Barden would pinch hit, get on base, than Barton would pinch run.  Talk about confusing.  These 2 2008 SP Authentic Rookie Exclusive cards were inserted into retail packs only.

2008 Stadium Club First Day Issue cards had 2 versions: a hobby version numbered to 599 and a retail version with just the stamp on the front.  These are both retail versions.  The Cardinals traded Perez to the Indians as part of the Mark DeRosa trade.  He had a few good seasons as the Indians closer before getting in trouble for smoking pot.

Before Topps Target versions were colored border cards, they featured a throwback logo on these 2009 cards.  The backs also lacked a glossy finish.  Joe Mather was an athletic outfielder who never could hit enough to stick in the Majors.  He was playing the outfield for the Springfield Cardinals at the first minor league game I ever went to in 2007.  Very nice guy with the nickname Joey Bombs.

I like the blue bordered Wal-Mart cards.  The Toys R Us purple version look better, but are much harder to find.  I would guess that has more to do with the price than the availability.  In my areas TRU blaster boxes are at least $5 higher than the same blaster at Wal-Mart. 

Big thanks to Kerry for all the great Cardinals.  Hope we can do it again some time this year.


  1. What is Pat looking at? I love the TRU versions but you are right I never see them in lots.

  2. Toys 'R Us prices are insane. It's kind of surprising to me that they've managed to stay in business as a whole.

    1. I agree. The only time I shop there is if I have a coupon or during Black Friday sales.