Friday, April 28, 2017

A Thank You Package Before I Could Send Anything

It is always nice to receive unexpected cards in the mail.  Before I went to the Indianapolis Indians game last weekend, Trading Bases member Ron sent me some Pirate cards that he hoped I could get autographed for him.  He also sent a nice stack of Cardinals along as a thank you for thinking of him.

Panini puts out a fair share of Donruss Molina cards.  Not as much airbrushing of the logos are needed for catcher cards.  2017 Donruss base cards is on the left, 2014 Donruss Diamond King on the right.

I like the 2016 Optic cards.  I know it is a knock off of Topps Chrome, put the cards have a nice look to them.  I guess I prefer my cards shiny.

It is nice to receive base cards from the higher end products like Topps Tier One.  This Ozzie is from 2016.  The card is about as thick as a game used card.

I have not heard any updates about Brock's health since it was announced he was fighting blood cancer.  The 2002 Studio Classic insert is numbered to 1000.  The 1998 Sports Illustrated card is a Classic Covers insert.

I cannot say too many good things about the 2015 Leaf Heroes of Baseball set other than I like the idea of a Musial only subset.  Leaf used a lot of classic photos of Stan the Man, but every one chopped off his cap to avoid the logo.  Leaf also purchased a large amount of Musial sticker autos that he signed during his last few years.  Stan had a beautiful signature in his early years, but the stickers are just horrible.

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