Thursday, April 27, 2017

Quick GQ Post

I was out of power last night for 4 hours due to a thunderstorm that took out numerous trees and power lines.  I did have a few cards scanned from a trade package I received early this week.  I traded a few 2017 Gypsy Queen cards for some Cardinals from the same set.

None of these 3 players are off to a great start this year.  Wainwright is showing his age big time.  I think his previous injuries are catching up with him.  Fowler had a 2 home run game early last week against Pittsburgh, but has not hit at all the rest of the season. Martinez started out great against the Cubs the first game of the season, but has not won a game this season while losing 3 games.  Maybe it is his new hairdo that is throwing him off.

Both Diaz and Oh are going through some bumps to start their sophomore seasons.  Diaz leads the team with 4 home runs, but has made 3 errors already.  His bad throw in extra innings on Tuesday night led to the winning run being scored.  Oh does have 5 saves, but also a 5.59 ERA to go with them.  Knowing how Matheny overuses his bullpen, I would not be surprised if he develops some time of arm injury this year.

Carpenter has not adjusted to hitting third in the batting order.  He is hitting under .250 and averaging a strikeout per game.  Molina's offense is about on par with his last few years, but his defense is lagging.  He has one error and 2 passed balls.  There were a couple of wild pitches that could have been passed balls.  Weaver pitched 2 innings in his first Triple A start this year before he injured his hand/wrist.  He is due to return to the Triple A rotation sometime in May.


  1. As a Pirates fan I am pleased to see the Cardinals struggle for once. I hate Carlos Martinez' hair. Other than that. Great cards (no pun intended). Gypsy Queen looks great this year.

    1. I think Carlos may be more concerned about looking good than pitching well. He is doing neither right now.