Tuesday, April 25, 2017


When you associate the word stickers with baseball cards, you make get a dirty look.  The first thought that comes to a lot of collectors minds are autographs on a shiny looking Topps sticker.  I am with the majority that think on card autos are much better, but stickers do have their place in the hobby.  One of my latest trade packages was full of them.
Topps put out numerous sticker sets in the early 1980s.  These 3 are from 1982.  The Bruce Sutter has a different border because it is an All Star sticker.  If you look real close you can see the stickers are numbered on the lower left corner. 

I do not like the white border of the 1984 Topps Stickers as much as the 1982 blue border.  I guess the blue border goes better with the Cardinals baby blue uniforms. 

Panini put out a fair share of stickers in the late 80s and early 90s.  These are from 1990.  These are quite a bit smaller than the Topps Stickers.  I am not for sure why some have names on the front and others do not.

1992 Panini stickers are bigger than the 1990 version, but a lot uglier in my book.  I hate the shark bite edge on the left.  Give me four solid borders any day.

The package also included these Classic cards.  The green are from 1987, the red 1988.  Classic brand cards can be difficult to figure out what set they are from.  Classic I, Classic II, Classic Update, Classic Travel, and Classic Game cards all exist. 

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