Monday, November 12, 2018

Something Old for Something New

When I think of vintage cards, I tend to think of cards that are older than me.  In my case, that is anything before 1976.  I do collect vintage Cardinals for my team sets, but it is not a high priority right now.  I am not that well schooled on the various short prints of certain years.  The money factor also comes into play. What vintage I do have is far from mint, but even the beaters can be pricey at times.  I have managed to accumulate a few doubles along the way that are in pretty poor condition.  It can be hard trading these sometimes, but I was lucky to find The Bench member dragonslayer913 working on a 1971 Topps set that could be in any condition.  I set him my Cardinals doubles in exchange for quite a few hits to some recent sets.

Topps put out a number of different factory sets in 2011.  These are from the Diamond Anniversary version. 

These may look like regular 2013 Topps cards, but they are the mini version.  These cards were only available for purchase through the Topps website. 

Donruss Elite was one of my favorite brands back when they had logos.  The 2015 version leaves a lot to be desired. 

I prefer the 2017 Bowman Platinum design on the bottom over the 2018 design.  The colorful wave against the black background is not good.  The 2017 Carpenter finished up a team set.

This trade brought my first 2018 Panini Chronicles and Topps Update cards.  Chronicles will be a tough set to finish, but I have seen a ton of Update breaks so that one should not be very difficult.  I am done to needing 5 more 2018 Allen & Ginter Cardinals.  

I still need 10 more 2018 Archives Cardinals.  I love the big team set that also includes greats like Cepeda.  

Finishing out the package are a couple of 2018 inserts.  I have read on numerous sites that Hicks could be the Cardinals closer next year.  I would be shocked if they gave that role to a 22 year old with only one season of experience above Double A.  A few blown saves in a short period of time could destroy his confidence.  Bader has a very good chance of being the starting center fielder next season barring a trade.  I love his all out style of play in the outfield and on the bases.  He has an old school quality about him, just with more flare.

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