Monday, August 2, 2021

Monday Cards From Marc

Technically the cards from today's post arrived on Saturday, but the title sounds better with Monday.  Everyone's favorites Astros fans Marc B is not blogging much these days, but he is still trading on TCDB.  He proposed a quick Astros for Cardinals trade earlier last week that helped out both of our team collections.   

I love obscure minor league cards like these 1991-92 ProCards Tomorrow's Heroes.  I now have 9 of the 17 Cardinals in the set. It is fun to see a young Bryan Eversgerd as a minor leaguer.  He is not the Cardinals bullpen coach.

These minor league cards are from 1999 Team Best.  Always great to receive a Peoria Chiefs card.  

Purple is not one of the most used colors in the Topps parallel rainbow.  It is not the best, but not that bad either.  The glossy 2013 Bowman Platinum does look better than the 2013 Bowman. 

The last 3 cards have nothing in common, but I did not want to make a longer post with 3 more pictures.  It was nice to finally get the 2016 Diamond Kings Piscotty regular card instead of the variation.  The Yadi is a 1972 Die Cut from 2021 Heritage.  Molina passed Albert Pujols for 4th place on the Cardinals all time hit list.  He needs 37 more to pass Rogers Hornsby for 3rd.  I doubt he will get another 640 to pass Lou Brock for 2nd. 

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