Saturday, December 22, 2018

A Little Snow Before Christmas

Yesterday was my last day of work until the 27th.  Five days off sounds like a lot, but throw in 5 different family gatherings to attend and I am sure time will fly by.  I hope to have some time for cards, but we shall see.  I was lucky to receive 3 different trade envelopes yesterday.   The first pwe  from TCDB member Shaggy69 added to the holiday mood.

This is the first year I have not broken down and bought a blaster of Topps Holiday.  These are my first cards from the set

The last card in the pwe finished my 2003 Opening Day team set.  Topps put Renteria in a few sets this past year including some autographs.  I need to get one as the only one in my collection right now is a smudged 2005 Leaf card.

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