Friday, December 7, 2018

Small Trade and a Big Buy

Yesterday I had 2 envelopes waiting for me in the mailbox.  One was a PWE trade, the other EBAY win.  The PWE was a quick deal with TCDB member bravefan1.

The Allen & Ginter World Talent Yadi is ok, but I really dig the Topps Fire Blue Chip Pham.  I know a lot of people do not like Fire, but it is a brand like no other in my eyes. 

About 2 weeks ago a Ray Lankford card popped up on EBAY that I have never seen before.  It was a buy it now with a best offer listing.  I wanted to wait until after last weekend's card show to see what my budget was.  By only spending $15 at the show, I had enough to put in a comfortable offer for the Lankford.  The buyer took it almost instantly, making me wondering if I spent too much.  Hind sight now as I am able to knock another rare Lankford off my wantlist.

So this look like a regular 1998 Studio Gold Press Proof from the front.  Flip it over and you discover why it is rare.

It is actually a Studio Media Test Issue.  According to Baseball Card Pedia, these were not released until after Pinnacle's bankruptcy.  I have read that there were not 300 produced, so who knows how many might be in circulation.  

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