Wednesday, December 5, 2018

What I Bought for $6 at the Card Show

Continuing with my card show recap from Sunday, today I will show my dime box finds.  There were 2 different dealers with multiple dime boxes.  The first was nothing but Cardinals.  My son and I spent about 30 minutes going through his boxes.  The second dealer I almost forgot about.  I noticed his table during my initial walk through, but forgot to stop until I only had about 30 minutes left.  I made it through 2 of his 8 monster boxes.  He had a huge variety of base cards and inserts from the last few years.  First up are the Cardinals.
I do not remember finding any Topps stickers in dime boxes before.  The Pendelton and Pena are from 1989 Panini.

I did not find very many cards from the 1990s I needed except for a 97 Flair Row 2 and a 1998 Donruss Silver Press Proof.

It was strange to find an oddball minor league card mixed in, but I will gladly take them.

The Perez was the only base card I found from my wantlist, but that just means there were a lot of nice inserts like the Kelly.

Lots of blue in the boxes like the top 3 Bowman paper cards numbered to 500 and the 2 blue wave refractors.

Silver Ice are always nice

Rounding out the Cardinals were some refractors.  I had the 3 on the left, but for a dime each they are good trade bait for other Cardinals collectors.

My son has started an Altuve collection.  He relates to him well because the both are on the small side and play second base.  I like the underdog type player and Altuve plays the game the right way, so I have no problem with buying his cards.

The rest of the cards I bought are trade bait.  I try to pull cards of teams that I know are easily traded.

The two Cubs are available, the Phillies are pending.  Cease is numbered to 150,Wood 175.

Topps golds are popular with a lot of set collectors.  For a dime each I am sure someone will need them.

I know of 3 different  Twins collectors who collect anything.  The bottom two Chrome cards are refractors.

Plenty of Mets collectors out there also

Of course there are a ton of Yankee fans out there.  No huge names here, but some nice inserts anyway.  That wraps up the dime box finds.  In my 2 hours at the show, I spent $15 for 4 minor league sets and close to 70 cards.  Not a bad day.


  1. Nice dime box digging here. '89 Panini stickers! That brings back memories. I just bought a box of '88 Panini, for the nostalgia factor. Maybe I'll track down some '89 once my '88 album is complete :)

    1. I was surprised to find any of them. I would bet a box is not very expensive, but could be hard to find.